BenQ 1640 - Every burn has not so good looking transfer rate test results

every disc burnt and scanned with my NEC 3520 would get perfect transfer rate test results, but with my new benq 1640 (BSJB), every disc ive burnt has terrible transfer rate test results. Even DVDR’s burnt with my NEC 3520 that scanned perfect on my NEC drive scan terribly on my BenQ drive. PIE/PIF scans seem normal, but not my tranfer rate tests. All DVD’s burnt were DVD movies and all seem to playback fine on my dvd player.

heres the most recent (and worst i might add). I just stopped the test because it looked so bad… anyone else having this problem? again PIE/PIF scans seem to be ok.

Put master jumper rear, and retest.

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not sure if that help, Because i use Slave and i have perfect Performance :bigsmile:

i think rather change back to MS IDE Driver is more important than anything else :iagree:

what kind of the disc are you using? and you care to post some Scan?? :confused:

You may want to set the Speed/Quality slider to the right most position

Even then, you must not surf or use intensive applications while doing tranfer rate tests.

where do i get the ms ide driver? i have an nforce2 motherboard with the nvidia nforce drivers. Do i just uninstall the IDE drivers that were included in the nforce driver?

btw, it is set to master, its on secondary master though (primary master is my harddrive). also, i didnt do anything during the test, the disc i used was a ridata ricohjpnr01 coded DVD+R burnt at 4x and my accuracy is set all the way to the right.

i flashed back to BSHB, burnt a Maxell MXLRG03 and the transfer test was much better than what i was getting before. hmmm, i hope this is a known problem that benq is fixing in their next firmware… i hope my drives not faulty.

I’m having the same problems in terms of zig-zaggy transfer curves, yet I consistently get quality scores of 99, such as this:

and horrific transfer speed curve of the same disc (TYG02, burned at their rated speed):

My BenQ 1640 is hooked to the secondary master IDE channel, whilst my HDDs are on the other separate IDE channel.

Explanations? :confused:

Go into the device manager and right click on the IDE controller and bring up its properties and click on the roll back driver that should bring you back to Microsofts IDE drivers.

Also try the burst rate test and see what result it gives, around 24 MBs is normal.

Some tips are try defragging your HD and changing your IDE cable just in case.

I have the same ‘problem’
my Benq1640 is the secondary slave
my Nec3540 is the seconday master

the primary IDE has two HD’s attached to it

Put Benq 1640 primary master. :iagree:
and install Intel Chipset Core driver if your bridge is Intel, if your chipset is Via, AMD processor install Hyperion 4in1 ide driver, for correct recognition and speed.

@ energy1959, please READ before posting… because your post will only confuse most of us. :confused:
Topic poster has already stated he is on nVidia nForce mobo.

Thanks to 8T8 we already have a good response about this issue. :clap:

ok, i uninstalled the IDE drivers, i burnt the same file with the same kind of DVD+R and the transfer test was PERFECT. Now i dont know if it was the fact that i uninstalled the IDE drivers, or the fact that i went back to BSHB and BSJB was causing me problems. What do BenQ drivers have against non-microsoft IDE drivers?

also, just my luck, something else happens too. I got this error at the end of the test… what does it mean?

That’s a failed read.

Soory, you have reason! i not have read, with the friend have Nforce chipset onboard :o

Thank :slight_smile: for signalling… bye

failed read? ugh… my problems just keep coming. how was it a failed read even though the transfer test was perfect? im getting so frustrated trying to get my 1640 to work properly ever since i got it 2 days ago…

How does the transfer test look on the NEC? Also try that transfer test again on the Benq without the NEC connected. At least it will tell you if being chained to the NEC is the problem so you can try swapping it around.

i sold my NEC to my sis so i cant test it on the NEC. Isnt it wierd that i got the error at the very end of the test?

atleast my PIE/PIF scans look allright. Other than the spike at the start, this is a nice scan for this media.

Just as a side, if your BenQ 1640 reports excellent quality scores but horrific transfer speed curves, then does that mean the disc is unreadible and will likely to fail?

Which one’s worse: appalling quality score (very high PIE/PIF), or zig-zaggy transfer speed curves?

flashed back to BSJB and did a transfer rate test on the same DVD that got the error and i didnt get the error this time. So after all of this, it seems like it was the IDE drivers afterall. Thanks for the help, but id still like to know why other IDE drivers dont work well with the benq 1640?

Transfer test is the most important. A scan reads at 8x on the Benq. Transfer tests a read to 16x. Ideally a smooth curve to 16x means a good burn even if the scan does not look that hot. What counts most is ‘does the disc read properly in a multitude of readers?’. A scan ‘may’ give some indication of lifespan or potential future problems (But only very generally).

Sometimes we attach too much importance to scans. BTW how about scanning at max speed and see what it says towards the end of the scan? Might give some more info about that read error near the end of the transfer test perhaps.

When I had my Pioneer 107D, all my transfer speed curves were near perfect, yet when I rescan the very same discs using the BenQ 1640, the curves are somewhat wobbly. I’ve not changed anything; simply took the Pioneer 107D out and replaced it with the 1640 (attached to secondary MASTER), so all IDE drivers are still the same as before…

The thing is, I’ve noticed that my 107D isn’t a fast reader at all. Now, my 1640 can read up to 16x, and the wobbly section of the curves occur past 3GB (for every single disc burned with the 1640 and the 107D, weird huh?).

What does this imply?