BENQ 1640-Error Spikes on TY Media

Hello All,
I have a weird problem with my 1640.
I have this big error spikes with Sony 8X TYG02.
I’ve tried FW BSOB, BSNB
Turned SB on/off for known media
but I constantly have these error spikes when I burn.

Anyone have an idea of why this is happening?

The only thing I have seen that does that is scratches, dust or dirt.

Check the discs are spotless before putting them into the drive. If they are scratched before being burnt then they will produce scans like that and there is nothing you can do about it.

I agree, those results seem to be consistent with scratches, dirt or dye defects. Check the underside of the discs under good lighting for any of these problems.

Looking at the discs under a light, there doesn’t seem to be any dots or anything but I do notice where there is a high spike in the PIF, you can see a darker visible ring. I’m grabbing all these disks from a brand new spindle of Sony DVD-R’s.

Could it be the TY Media itsself?

The attached image is a typical TYG02 burn on my 1640, the different being the spikes are at random places. Should I worry about those spikes or it’s okay for long term data?