Benq 1640 ejection problem



I am having 6 months old Benq 1640 and the drive is having ejection problems lately. Sometimes the disk doesnt eject no matter what I do and I have to power off and on again and then eject the disk.

What is wrong with the drive?


the mechanism is going bad, try using your mouse to eject the disc, open my computer, point at the drive, right click on the drive and click on eject to see what happen?? Are you running any software in the background for your DVD burner??


No nothing in background and it doesnt eject using software also.


Try to boot into “fail” safe mode (press F8 at boot screen) or DOS (bootdisk) and check if the drive ejects then. :slight_smile:


if all fails, open the case and check the power cable. try to switch cable. and what power supply are you using???. Do you see the light flashing??? Open a burning software and use that software to eject the Drive.


It happens with my drive from time to time. Just unbend a paperclip, poke it in the eject hole, and that pretty much fixes everything. Usually after I do that, the drive opens/closes incredibly fast, and I think it might be also related to the scan read speed dips… Or maybe not.


happens to mine as well…and I use the paperclip as well…then it works for awhile, then outa blue stops again :frowning:


It’s normal with some drives. I don’t think anybody figured out why it does it yet. After the paper clip trick open and close it till it returns to a more normal speed else you could get some funky looking burns. Ask me how I know. :iagree: