Benq 1640 does not finish Lead-Out


I am currently trying to burn an Image to a TY DVD-R 8x disc, Nero writes the whole disc in about 8 minutes @8x, but then fails to write the Leadout completely, i.e. the drive “hangs” infinitely writing the lead-out without finishing it. The only way to interrupt this after even an hour or so is to completely reset the whole system.

I have now had this effect twice, the resulting disc is unreadable then :frowning: :sad:

What’s happening here? Using Nero



Two taiyo wasted? :a :a :a !

To exclude burner as cause, can you try with another media and with another software? For example try to burn a media with CD-DVD Speed or with DVD Decrypter (maybe a rewritable, to not waste anymore discs).

You may try Nero but I doubt it will help.

Which IDE drivers are you using? (Of other than Microsoft - that may be the problem).

Updated to the latest firmware (BSLB) for the BenQ?

The media is genuine TY media? Not faked media?

I have tried with latest Nero and BSLB, the strange thing is: it only happens qith TY DVD-R 8x media, no other media is affected. This is very strange!



If your TYG02 is genuine, you should be able to see a serial GG00xxxx in the middle hub ring.

It sure sounds like fake TY to me… check the serial numbers.


Is it just me or shouldn’t the serial be in the centre?

the 1640 has a problem with reading the lead-out but when you burn it shouldn’t have any problems.

Check if you are using the default Microsoft IDE drivers and update your drive to the BSLB f/w or try on another computer or uninstall other conflicting software…

This is a weird error althought the drive does have lead-out reading errors…



how do I make sure I have the MS IDE drivers? And how can I reinstall them in case there are VIA-filter drivers installed?

Next, what do you think from my scan, genuine or fake TY? I bought that disc at os Mediatrade in germany who has a good reputation, so it’s hard to believe they sell fake media.

Really strange indeed.



Excuse my ignorance CoolieCool, but…

“Serial” # is in place where it should be for Taiyo Yuden media.

:disagree: …Hmm, to my knowledge “lead-out” is written to the disc. There is no “pre-recorded” lead-out ie. nothing for the drive to “read”.
Read more about it at

:confused: What do you mean by this?..Explain yourself please.

I buy all my Yuden media at and I can ensure you they are not selling any fake Yudens. :slight_smile:

  1. go to Desktop
  2. right-click My Computer
  3. select Properties
  4. go to the Hardware tab
  5. click on Device Manager
  6. find IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
  7. Expand it and right-click on properties of the pri and sec IDE Controllers
  8. if the drivers are manufactored by Microsoft then you have the MS IDE drivers.

If you dont or you have other IDE drivers, uninstall them and reboot, your computer should automatically search for the default drivers for the IDE, which are the MS ones…

Hope this works lol?

If zevia is correct, your discs are genuine, or at least the serial number is a genuine one…

Which TY media are you using? TYG01, 02 or 03?
If i remember correctly, the 1640 have a bit of a problem with 1 of the 3 above


Well, I have now managed to write such a disc, works perfectly, and seems to indicate that the media from os-mediatrade is genuine.

Is it possible that Solidburn has “learned” a wrong strategy? I have always solidburn enabled, but I do not overspeed the media.




I seriously hope not! XD


Sorry to bring up this old thread but I am having the same problem but when writing genuine benq cd-r’s wil my DW1640. Any ideas people?

Try ckecking in Nero Burning Rom/preferences/expert features
that enable short burn is not enabled.