BenQ 1640 DL scans!

As requested i did a lowd of scans with my pretty new 1640 and the results are as follows;
Pointers: used the same computer, latest version of DVD Decryptor and the latest firmware at the time. The disc types where chosen as the ones i could get my hands on in the UK for less money than for a Verbatim disc. All discs where written at 2.4x except the Verbatim which was at 8x (see for a 2.4x recording by someone else). All the images burnt are different and where all over 4.5gb including the the RiDisc which died durring the write.

All discs were verified as correct and all work on my DVD player (of course excluding the RiDisc piece of junk)

PS we got a dumping thread for general scans or should i create one?

and the last 2 . . .

I don’t know if it is BenQ or media makers who need to work a little more, but this is far from being good burns!!!

Try to scan at 8x instead of Maximum

I think 8x = maximum to scan at a higher speed you must select it (at least for the 1620 not sure if that applies to the 1640)

Siswell have you tried the discs with the new 1640 BSHB firmware ?

5 of those discs use the Ritek D01 dye which is by all accounts pretty crap though the Verbatim result I thought could have been a lot better.

Tried it and also at 4x but the scans are almost identicial

Not yet wanted to use the same firmware on all of them and seeing as the new firmware according to the website is to only add DVD-R DL haven’t tried it. Will put it on now and see what happens.

Worrying!!.. even the Verbatim isn’t all that different, considering it’s more than double the cost.

So these were burnt with DVD-video and they all work fine, even though the scans are fairly poor?

Siswell, If you are going to burn another MKM001, I’d like to see with burn speed 6x, please.

btw siswell, thnx for all the work. been thinkin bout a new dvd burner and its nice to see some scans. i really want something that burns dl well. prices on dl media will drop and my next burner must excel at dl burnin. to be honest my 1620’s seem to do better than the 1640. cept i only burned mkm @ 2.4x.

Like i said all the discs (except the RiDisc) had the data verified and they all work fine in my cheapo Philips DVD player i bought last year.

Would do but aint got any more Verbatim left . . . and as i’ve blown a load of cash lately i wont be buying any soon i’m afraid unless i can spot them cheap somewhere.

See the 2.4x speed burn by the link on post #1 its near perfect, would expect 4x to be very similar just think 8x was really pushing my luck but other than at the layer change it would have got mid 90’s

I would highly appreciate a scan of the “new” RICOH DL media manufactured with the inversed stack method. Many burners are even not able to burn them at all or they fail after the 1st layer.

Would love someone to supply me with one . . .
. . . but as there more expensive than Verbatim media i can’t see the point in wasting my cash.

These scans look rough! Nearly all of them have rather high PIFs. I’m surprised they played on the standalone. I hope a new firmware version improves the write quality.

Erm just changed my mind about lowering the scanning speed . . .
. . . on the initial disc i tried using the lower speed it made no difference but for the Verbatim burnt at 8x it kind of did . . .

PS what score would you expect a bought/pressed DVD to get? Near 100?
Just i picked a random disc from my collect and it only scored 92 :confused: is that normal or is my BenQ having scanning problems?

even pressed discs have errors and it doesnt matter if its Single Layer or Double Layer…


I knew BenQ was a good brand and that the customer support was great but as the line above says F… ME!!! The new firmware is just perfect :bow:

See below for a new Datawrite DL scan!
If it wasn’t for the jitter spikes this would be as good as would ever need!!!
All bow bound to BenQ and there all mighty download support!
91 instead of 41 who thinks i’m happy! :iagree:

Only draw back is i only got Datawrite left to test on so no new scans :frowning: but then again at 91 i dont care . . . had better check this aint a one off now :stuck_out_tongue:

Can official say the scans are a lot lot better and its not just reporting the disc better as i checked the old ones :slight_smile: will do a proper post showing before and after firmware upgrades as i’m going to have to redo the sub 70 disc again if i know i can get double the score . . .

What happen with the attachment in post #16?

Regarding scanning speed, it’s “official” the standard is 8x.

lol thats what i get for rushing things :iagree: see below for the re-scan and its got better well slightly :wink: like i said before wait for the weekend for a proper review don’t have much spare time at the mo.

[disc was datawrite as thats all i got left]

Always scan at 8X.