BenQ 1640 DL scans revisted!



As promised i’ve done a few more scans with my 1640 after upgrading to the new firmware. Unfortunately i only got Datawrite DL disc’s left - these original scored 40, 41 and 42 then i upped the frimware to the one in the pics.
One minor point tho’ i’m starting to get dead discs now :Z as it can’t find the 2nd layer when recording got a dead score of 2 out of 8 attempted . . . which is far from fun might as well have just bought Verbatim :eek: but then again i was warned so got no one else to blame :iagree: will do some SL scans soon but only got 2 types of disc’s so don’t expect much . . .
[to the guys asking for a ricoh scan - wont do as they cost £5 shipped which is a £1 more than for Verbatim which i need to do 4x and 6x speed scans on as well as 8x with the new firmware, am working on it but my source of cheapish disc’s isnt good at the moment]

Can’t wait for the BenQ support bring out the next firmware, as this rate they should all get 90+ :stuck_out_tongue:


Only the last scan is good. All the others are bad.

Have you burned all of them with the new firmware (BSHB)?


Yep all with the latest firmware . . .


Quite all the RirekD01 are bad…


The “PHLILIPS-CD2” DLs are even very much worse!!!


Simply not good enough for 1640.


Kenshin, if 1640 is not good enough, then Plextor choose the wrong company for their PX-740. :slight_smile:

Hopefully future firmwares will fix these, hopefully…


I mean Ritek DL media are not good enough for 1640. :slight_smile:


Kenshin: Ritek DL aren’t good enought for any burner. =) I wonder if Taiyo Yuden will release DL discs. =)


This is a Philips DL burnt with my BenQ DW1620Pro B7V9 at 2.4x. (PHILIPS-CD2)

I was really shocked when I saw the result. I wanted to find alternatives for Verbatim DLs but without success.

The burner could not even keep reading after the PIFs had gone over 200!!!

Is that possible? I thougt that Philips DLs are good!!! :frowning:


I guess there is no real alternative to MKM001… yet. I hope DL disc manufacturers will get more serious with 8x DL discs. We’ll see… in one year… or so. =)


But DW1640 is one of the latest with the fastest DL writing speed. I mean, why use Ritek DL media on such a drive. 1640 is relatively expensive as well. Advances in 16x DVD writers are mostly about making DL and RW/RAM writing speeds faster. I’m not sure where but I think TY was going to release DL produts. I hope to see TY 8x DL media at 1/10th of current Mitsubishi price soon. :slight_smile:


BenQ 1640 is only USD50 in Malaysia. :sad:


US$50 is not a relatively high price at this time when DW1640 has just appeared, but Malaysia’s a very special place. :slight_smile: :sad: (That US$50 must be very close to OEM buying price.)


That makes sense though considering that all current 1640 are assembled by Flextronics, which is located in Malaysia. MIC drives will probably appear after June…just my speculation.


The only good media is MKM001.

I’ve had acceptable results with RICOHJPND00 and Prodisc.D01 with a few writers (LG GSA-5163D for example).

Ritek.D01 is mainly crap with all writers.


zevia, you can’t compare with those pricing cos there are rumours that those super low price sets are factory leaks, not even OEM buying price sets. Which is why they come bare (no box, sometimes no label even) with a 1 month personal wty from the seller, not the manufacturer.

All in, very dubious stuff to me.

btw, check out the Lowyat Forums esp the euphemistically named Bulk Orders Forum if you are interested in learning more about the M’sian scene, click


Benq 1640 (BSHB)
Ricoh DL, Media Code: RICOHJPN D00 (3.99 Euro)
7334 MB @ 2.4 -> burn time 43.22 including 3.10 lead out :Z

cdspeed 3.8 test @ 8x
Jitter avg 8.76
Jitter max 11.0

PI avg 8.18
PI max 29
PI tot 162984

PIF avg 0.59
PIF max 12
PIF tot 10940

“quality” score 93


Even Malaysia has such a big English-language computer community. :sad:

(But similarly naive like this.)


i would skip those riteks… DL…never like ritek DLs…only MKM001 will do… :smiley: