Benq 1640/Cypress external chipset

I’ve got a Benq 1640 on the way and I currently have a Mentor external caddie(USB2) working with my laptop. It has a Cypress chipset by the looks of things.

This good or bad? Should I be looking to get one with a Prolific chipset?
I’ve heard it’s possible to upgrade the firmware of these things, how do I determine exactly what firmware I have and where can the firmware be found?


Just adding to this, I’ve noticed that I do have a caddie with a prolific chipset - pl-3507 05144C

Prolific should be first choice, and the mentioned 3507 is exactly the one to take. To get the best read/write performance results, you should think about crossflashing your 1640 to 164B (external BenQ model based on the 1640) Firmware. This can be done by using WinDWFlash and the 164B Firmware BEFB as an *.cvt file, or by using the original BEFB.exe and the BQFlasher.


EDIT: you can leave the drive inside the case while flashing the FIrmware. But you should connect it via USB though.