BenQ 1640- "click" when opening and closing tray



Do any of you 1640 owners hear a “click” noise when opening and closing your tray? Neither of my 1620’s make such a noise, but my 1640 is. Wondered if this was normal, because if it isn’t, I’m going to return the drive for a new one.


yeah i got the same noise… mine is more like “cluck”… it doesn’t sound good… my old drive never made such a noise when it open or close. anyone else get that noise with 1640?


Mine don’t make any strange sound opening tray


Sounds like we have the same noise. You’re right… it doesn’t sound good. Just enough to get on your nerves.


My BenQ 1640 makes one slight “cluck” after it closes.


Hi :slight_smile:
Both my 1640’s make a slight noise when opening & closing but no more than my Plextor 716’s, NEC 3520’s/3540,LG 4163’s or Pioneer 109XL


I’m not hearing any sound when opening and closing on my 1640. My drive is very quiet. Sometime when burning it makes a very faint whistling noise…


This “CLUCK” is noticable on my 1640, but none of my other drives make such a sound. I don’t think you’re 1640 is making “the noise” if you say your 716 makes the same noise.


Hi :slight_smile:
I guess it’s all relative If you were to blindfold me & then open / close any of my drives I could tell when because I would hear it (noise). Whether I could tell which drive is something else.
Perhaps I should have put it differently. The noise I hear from my BenQ’s is no more signifcant than that of my other drives. So not a problem for me.

Oh! By the way my first three 1640’s were faulty ( different faults in each one ) so my fourth & fifth ones I picked up personally so as to rule out any chance of damage in transit ( as I travel round the UK a different area each day this entailed no cost) & has proved worth it. Drive number 4 has been used daily for just over three weeks, with drive 5 just over two weeks.


My 1640 Open and close regular, no problem detected :bigsmile:


I get a “cluck” when the drive tray is at the end of the close position, I thinks its normal. When opening its not as loud, its not even a “cluck”

My SamSung cd writer does the same but is just a tiny bit quiter than the 1640.


yeah only end of close.


hey zebadee, please define “faulty”. You’re gonna scare everyone here that you’ve RMA 3 drives already.


Hi :slight_smile:
For those who wish to know see here
In the last post I raise the question of volume levels.No-one has responded to this query
At least two of the drives were probably damaged in transit as local courier had just cut pay of employee’s who seemed to take it out on goods. I say this as two packages were damaged albeit marginal
Hence with fourth & fifth drives I picked them up from dealer personally & see no reason for anyone else to suffer in this manner & I’ve no hesitation in recommending the 1640
N.B.Dealer has changed courier company


Mine too. I think it’s normal.


I haven’t notice such noise may be I have not paid close attention so far, I will check this evenning at home and report the result.


Had mine for a bit over a week, a couple of dozen good burns mostly on TDK -R media(Till I use it all up and replace it with something that scans better, maybe Fuji?). No noise on open, but a slight clunk on close every try.
Doesnt seem to affect seating of the door at all, and using manual eject and insert when the power is off, I dont feel anything weird mechanically, so its probably some slight quirk in the engagement and disengagement of the tray motor mechanism with the tray itself. Nothing especially to worry about, no different that a door hinge that squeaks, wont cause the door to fall off.


I thought I’d let you all know that the sound I was hearing on open AND close ended up not being normal. I went ahead and ordered another 1640 and it arrived today. With this new one there are no clicks, clunks, clonks, ticks, or other abnormal sound effects.:bigsmile:

Going to RMA my first one.


Okay…I ordered BENQ 1640 OEM BLACK DRIVE from Newegg and received it today…Unfortunately this BLK drive isn’t for any of my pc’s but for a friends one and it has NO CLUCKING, CLONKING, CLICKS or any other abnormal sound effects…I installed the drive on my pc to flash to the latest firmware since my friend has no clue about dvd burning and stuff…BUT the 1640 BEIGE OEM I have for my pc has that LOUD CLUNKING, CLONKING sound when the tray opens and closes…although the drive has no problems with burning I tend to wonder if it really is a DEFECT… :confused:

[H]itman did you purchase your drive from If so what did you tell Newegg in order to get the RMA?


Mine “Clunks” when first opening and end closing, thanks for making me aware of this annoying noise!! :a
When a dvd is installed the noise is alot softer!!