BenQ 1640 can't burn over 4X speed, Please Help

My BenQ 1640 (Firmware BSOB) can’t burn over 4X speed, no matter what blank I use.

I tried CMC,TYG,Ritek,Daxoz,Prodisc and many other brand with NO success.
I CAN choose 8X (and 6X) in nero writing properties but when it actually write the disc, speed isn’t go beyond 3.9X (I edit my Reg to have nero show real writing speed).

And it’s takes ~15Min to fill 4.33 Gb data (which is 4X speed).

Here is my drive information.

UDMA has already enabled for my Optical drive and HDD.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.s. Even it keep burning at 4X speed, quality score of all my discs are normal, only problem that I found is burning speed.

My experiance with nVidia mobos is limited… :slight_smile:

But you can start with checking your bios settings for your optical drives. They must be set to run UDMA-2/-4 respectively.

nVidia SATA/IDE drivers are well know for issues with optical drives.
To mantain SATA support update to latest nForce chipset drivers from nVidia.
Then roll back IDE drives (in device manager, IDE channel, properties) to Microsoft ones.
Note. SATA/IDE drivers can also apear in controlpanel add/remove programs on older mobos.
Check also this thread.

BTW, 1640 is unable to burn at 6x speed. Default burn speeds are: 2.4, 4, 8, 12 and 16x.