Benq 1640 can't burn higher than 16x for cdrs?

i’m trying nto burn cds but alcohol won’t let the drive write more than 16x even on cdr

What media? Which firmware?
If you have Nero, what does the Nero Info Tool show?

the latest one, the one posted in stickies, it’s a diamond cdr, bu ti had no problem burning it at at least 32x with my old lg cdrw drive

manufacturers usually focus more on DVD burning than CD burning for DVD writers. i never burn my CD-R’s faster than 24x anyway even though i have a 52x standalone CD burner (unless im in a hurry and the datas not all that important).

youll have to settle with 16x, or you could go buy a standalone CDRW (what id recommend) since theyre so cheap anyways.

I have no problems burning CMC CD-R’s at 48x. I think its just the media code not being picked up as the correct max speed in the firmware.