Benq 1640 cannot read newer DVDs correctly?

Hello, I am new here, got directed here by someone on another forum.
I have the Benq 1640 and bought it some time ago because my previous drive could not read the DVD of Earth 2160(no copy protection), the 1640 could and still can read this DVd, but two of my more recent games which came on DVD and use copy protection are causing serious problems.
Namely Gothic 3 and Medieval 2.
The first would not install while I had nero Burning ROM on my computer, after a clean install without Nero, I needed six or so attempts until the installation routine did not cancel somewhere in the middle gving me a read error.
Now I bought Medieval 2 which comes on two DVDs and I always get CRC errors while installing from both DVDs, I can choose to ignore them(that’s why I got to the second DVD) but then the game won’t start since obviously the files are corrupted.
I have had some problems with magazine DVDs before but always thought the DVDs were corrupted.
But now I cannot believe that almost every DVD I bought was corrupted, updating the firmware from BSGB to BSRW didn’t help either.

Burning never caused a problem until before I reinstalled windows and wanted to make a safety copy when Nero told me two times in succession that the burning process had failed, but I don’t burn much anyway, my main concern is that about getting to install games(and maybe Vista next year) to install correctly, can anyone help with that or will I need to get a new drive?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been having trouble with DVD+RW’s burned on my Panasonic DVR - won’t read in my 1620 or 1640.

Read fine in my Lite-On and the one in my iMac

BSRB, sorry.
Today I “fixed” the problem by buying a new simple DVD drive that installed Medieval 2 without any problems.

Too bad you had to do that. You gonna replace the BenQ with a different drive? Or is that simple DVD drive also a burner?

It’s not a burner, just a simple drive, but I never burned a lot anyway, I could put the burner back in(it always burned DVDs correctly) but I’d have to fiddle around with cables and slots so I just replaced it for now.