Benq 1640: C1 but no C2 on CDs?




I tried Nero CD-Speed with my new Benq1640, is it right that it can report C1 errors on CDs and Jitter, but not C2? Or are the C1 and Jitter values only bogus?

How good is the Benq testing CDs?




I don’t exactly have a drive to compare to, but i occasionally get C2, so C2 is probably bogus. As for C1 and Jitter, the values seems semi-real … there are some questionable pockets with no C1 … and so i’m not sure. But a BAD CD will scan BAD under the BenQ 1640 when i did it.


Jackie78, you already got your answers three days ago here. :slight_smile:


benq 1620 [and ill assume 1640 too] definitely reports C1 errors. but i was confused about the C2, as all the reviews ive read said the drive cant report C2 errors yet some of my scans on the benq had sudden spikes of C2 [like the liteon/mediatek chipset glitch,] that is until i saw this ; well now atleast it makes more sense than buncha ppl just dishing around their personal openions instead of facts and confusing the hell outta everything. i think the reviewers shouldve mentined/been clearer when saying that the benq cant report C2, [well it cant when doing DAE, but can when doing quality scans!] go figuere!!



I didsome tests with an old TDK CD-R disc from 2000, and scanned it for C1 using the Benq1640:

Well, many C1, but no C2 - I decided to do some “modding”, I hope this cannot harm my drive, but the feltpen lines are water resistant:

After that, look what my scan looks like.

This shows two things:

  • the Benq1640 definitely can produce C2 Error Information
  • the Benq1640 can read the disc although there are those feltpen-marks on the disc - how is that possible at all? I tried copying data via Windows explorer, it is all readable! Can somebody explain that to me please how that is possible?

Thank you. :wink:




The BenQ is known for being VERYYY GOOD WITH DISCS HAVING MARKS… it’s Error Correction is really strong and mostly not bothered by things like that
Put thicker marks or more of them and it might not work.


Thanks for that hint :wink: Before I continue: can these marks damage my drive in any way?




i don’t think so, but don’t do it too many times. At worst, it might cause the focus mechanism to pull the lens up or down to the “limit” and that might cause the lens suspension to wear out … but not really that bad cos it happens all the time. So I do it sometimes, but yeh, dun’t do it too many times.