Benq 1640 burns: bad batch of TYG02s?



I just bought some printable TYG02s, since I thought my 1640 loved them, at least the silver shiny-tops. The burns are turning out like this: Too many PIEs (always going up as the scan progresses), PIFs OK, but a bad transfer rate test every time! I rescanned a recently-burned silver TYG02 (my last) and the scan is fine. This indicates faulty media to me. :sad:
Anyone hear of bad batches of TYG02 printables?
And does a bad transfer rate test (dives at the end) mean the disc will be unreliable in its readability?
Oh yeah, burning speeds 8x or 12x, different combinations of WOPC on/off, SB on/off, etc.


The Printables are the discs that are often compromised… however, PIE tends to vary from under 10,000 to over 50,000 on TYG02 batches. The PIEs in your scan (although not ideal) are acceptable and shouldn’t be an issue.

Yes, a huge drop in the read test does tend to indicate a serious reading problem unless your drive isn’t connected properly (DMA issue, system problem, etc). If possible, I’d suggest doing a transfer test on another drive for comparison.



Try scanning at 16x, if PIE/PIF show problems at outer edge (4GB+ area), then disc is sub-optimal in some way.

The issue with some TY media having no obvious digital error issues at forum standard scanning speeds [I][B]but[/B][/I] showing problematic 16x TRT has been shown before, including by myself (look in media forum for some other examples if your interested):


Looks like you’re right.
Here’s the scan at 16x.
And I had been looking forward to getting these printables, they’re getting harder to find . . . :frowning: :sad:


The discs are still usable, just I would personally not trust any for long term usage which failed 16x scan/TRT. If they are for DVD-Video, they will unlikely show playback problems due to the 1x reading speed.


These types of results are not that uncommon in my 1640 - good scans at 4x-12x, marginal or poor scans at 16x and slowdowns in a TRT once it reaches around 15x. If the burn is of data that is truly irreplaceable, I would burn a backup disc. Otherwise I don’t find it to be a big issue for my uses, they don’t really seem to perform worse in playback at slow speeds, and they usually rip/TRT flawlessly at 12x so they can still be ripped fine. So I guess it just becomes a matter of how picky you are about how your discs test, and the intended use(s) of your discs. Specifically when testing in my 1640, a TRT such as yours with some slowdown at 15x+ doesn’t actually concern me for 95% of my discs (mostly DVD Video backups). If the slowdown still occurs in a 12x TRT, then I become more concerned as the drive is a bit more tolerant at 12x but pretty sensitive at 16x. I see this kind of discrepancy in 16x error levels in both recently burned discs and discs that were burned up to 3+ years ago. I doubt that the older burns ever scanned well at maximum speed but they still remain readable at 12x and slower, and still scan well at lower speeds. IMO, with good, stable media it’s not as if you should expect a failed TRT/unreadable disc at slower speeds or scans at slower speeds degrading to a scan similar to the 16x scan anytime soon. It would be a good reason to track the stability of these types of discs more closely, but with stable media I doubt you’re going to see drastic shifts in readability/scans at lower speeds.

This is just how I treat my tests, I know that others would treat the test results differently. I know that a number of people would toss anything with any slowdown in a TRT and that’s up to you to decide what’s acceptable for you. Ideally there’d be no slowdowns and a good scan at 16x, but I have too many discs that perform fine for their intended uses yet do not test great at maximum speeds to consider them coasters.


Same batch of TYG02s.
Burned this time at 4x, QSuite default settings.
Results better this time and TRT was successful, couple of wierd spikes though. Far fewer PIEs, but higher PIFs, and lower jitter.
What’s strange is, I have on occasion burned silver TYG02s at 12x and had a 99 score . . . seems these printables like slower burn speeds . . . .


For those still interested . . . .

I’ve been burning the abovementioned TYs at 4x and was [B]very[/B] pleasantly surprised to obtain that most elusive of Benq scans, a 99! :clap:

Well, I think to myself, maybe these aren’t so bad after all, if they burn like this at 4x.

Then . . . .

. . . as an afterthought I did a TRT and got what you see below.

I did a 16x scan and the truth emerged. :Z

I have to say, this pretty much fundamentally shakes my faith in the value of quality scanning (and in Taiyo Yuden quality), if you can’t even trust a 99! :a


It is obvious that reading at 16x gave bad results you should scan them at 16x not at 8x like the cdfreaks standards but I am pretty convinced those are fake media or your drive get into trouble on outer tracks.


Nope, media is real, no question about it.
I think if the drive had suddenly gone bad it would be more obvious . . . the batch is bad.
But how the hell do you get a 99 score under these circumstances?! :confused:


My only guess is that the media may be read at 8x easily, so scanning at that speed will show only that fact; I do not know, maybe the whole batch has some irrregularities on outer tracks or they are slightly bended; this kind of problems may lead to the particular result here.


This is not that uncommon, good scans at slower speeds but questionable at maximum. Whether or not this is a problem depends on the intended use of your discs. For DVD Video playback at slow speeds they’ll probably perform fine.


I’ve had the exact same problem before with Sony branded T02 , remember ?

For me , burning speed didn’t matter and burning drive too , they just scan beautifully @8X and terribly @16X with bad end of TRT
They were just about 5 discs from 50 discs spindle but I’ve never had this problem with not so godlike media :a


I was afraid my 1640 had gone south because of the above experiences, so I burned one of the TYG02s on a 164B and the burn was good at 8x, TRT OK.
So . . . I flashed my 1640 to an older firmware then back to BSLB stock firmware, deinstalled and reinstalled QSuite, and tried another burn before giving up on the drive.
And . . . burn was good at 8x and TRT was also good! :clap:
I’m glad the drive’s OK after all . . . [B]maybe the TYG02s were [I]not[/I] at fault![/B]
Duff discs? Screwed-up writing stategy? Screwed-up QSuite?
[I]I guess I’ll never know![/I] :eek:


When you uninstall QSuite make sure you clear the media/Eeprom and set [B]everything[/B] back to default before uninstalling other wise the old settings will stay the same.


I think buying a new burner will be the better choice.


No thanks, I’m glad the “old” one still works! :bigsmile: