BenQ 1640 Burn Speed Fluctuations

Hi all,

I’ve only burnt a couple of full capacity DVDs, and have noticed that, if I burn my TYG02’s at their rated speed (8x), the reported burn speed from DVD Decrypter fluctuates between 6x and 8x. In comparison, my Pioneer 107D burns constantly at 8x on the same media. My BenQ came shipped with the BSHB firmware.

The BenQ is on the secondary primary IDE channel, HDDs are on the other IDE channel, so there shouldn’t be a bandwidth problem whilst burning.

The TYG02’s are genuine with 99 quality score most of the time with the Pioneer 107D.

Also WOPC is disabled.

Is this speed fluctuation normal?


A scan of a recently burned TYG02, at 8x.

As you can see, these are top quality Taiyo Yudens :bow:

are you using normal MS IDE Drivers? no, i don’t think these speed fluctuations should occur when WOPC is off, and your scan speed also dips regularly … doesn’t happen to my 1640, (my computers are AMD based) heard some Intel Mobos mite have problems. What is your computer configuration? Have you tried changing IDE cables (if not already)?. Try 80 conductor cable (not essential, but might make a difeerence.)

my NEC 3520 didnt burnt at 8x the whole burn and neither does my benq 1640… i thought all drives didnt burn at 8x the whole time…

set the speed to 8x in CDSpeed instead. Nice scan btw.

thats normal scan, the DIP occur in my 1620 is when after burning and go to scan disc then you will have this kind of DIPing SCAN :kiss:

always happen, but if you remove the disc and reinsert it, restart CDSPEED then the DIP gone :bigsmile:

same case for me. Except that I am using tyg01 and the burner (1640 with BSJB) can’t even maintain 4x. It varies between 3.5 to 4x. I didn’t encounter this issue with 4163.

Thanks for all the replies.

No biggy really, just as long as I get top quality burns :smiley:

In reply to one of the posts above, yes, I’m using default MS IDE drivers. Note that my previous burner, a Pioneer 107D, burns consistently at 8x all the way throughout, so I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the drivers, nor the IDE cable.

Post a screenshot of the CD-DVD Speed Create Disk curve, easier to troubleshoot.

btw, the BenQ has WOPC while the GSA-4163 doesn’t.

The DW1640 typically has 1-2 rather wide speed dips in all its 8x and 12x burns, best seen in a CD-DVD Speed Create Disk curve. And I think these are probably non-WOPC related.

Below is a transfer speed scan of the same DVD burnt a few posts up:

Can someone tell me why there are spikes when reading back the disc at higher speeds?


hmmz… the disc might not be as good as it seems. I have a couple of those, and the PI/PIF and Jitter look great, but it has problems at high speed. I put it down to being a media thing, but I can’t be sure. It might be other “un-measurable” parameters coming into play -> maybe even disc tilt, amplitude and shape of modulated signal or something else.

It might not be a media issue since I get the same wobbles at higher speeds for TDK DVD+R (4x) which are RICOHJPNR01 and RiTEKG04. :confused:

How does max. PIF=3 give QS=99% :confused: