BenQ 1640 BSLB

Hi,i have this dvd burner and i cant read some dvd´s, and the burner cant even read some of its owns burns!
But I can read them on my DVD player (LG) and on my m8 dvd burner (lg too),so the problem isnt the dvd, its the burner.

-It has the last FM: BSLB (patched with MediaCodeSpeedEdit)
-I have changed the booktype in Qsuite2

I tried to get the default setting (and default firmware without modifications and still cant read some dvds?

Please help :frowning:

Welcome to the forum

Try to flash using original BSLB firmware.

Disable overspeed in Qsuite, this has a tendancy to cause the drive to fail to read some burns on poor quality media.

I now only switch on overspeed for some of my really old (but good quality) 1x DVD-R discs that will burn at 8-12x with low errors.

So far I have read failures with overspeed enabled on :

Fake TY02 -R’s
AN51 -R’s

I dare say there are some more, interesting thing is they are all -R’s that have problems reading BUT the burns are actually very very good for the type of media.

Thanks qwarkz!
Now i can read the dvds!

I have dloaded WOPC Tool.What are the better settings?
I have WOPC enabled,test write disabled and speed limit disabled too.
And what does that “short lead out” button do?