Benq 1640 - BSLB - Still safest firmware?

Some of the newer ones seem to be good at “this” and “bad” at that

for a good safe allrounder is BSLB still ok ?

TDK ScratchProofs - Verb 16x 8x TY - Panasonci 16X ty003



I’ve not used TYG03, but BSLB is all in all the best FW IMO.

I will second that and I have used all the BenQ 1640 firmwares including BSRB. BSLB is the last firmware without the slowdowns in CD-DVD Speed scanning.

I agree. :iagree:
I’ve tried them all, and always end up going
back to BSLB.

thanks for the feedback

i was a bit concerned with my pana ty003 on a qsuite 2.1 scan

is the nero cdspeed a better judge than qsuite ?

or am i getting too paranoid ?

i always use the verify on nero and they read ok

Nero’s Verify function isn’t always reliable. My friend burned a DVD+R on his LG GSA-4167B DL12 that verified fine, but had some PO failures when scanned with a BenQ DW1640 – dud disc, was unreadable.

I also had similar experience before, it is recommended NOT to use NERO’s verifying function

I don’t doubt this is [B]your[/B] experience.
Maybe, I’m just doing this wrong?

It has a stop at 150mb

I think it is more likely between 137-139 MB

I was using BSLB for a long time but lately I upgraded to BSRB , didn’t notice anything :confused:

That “stop” you mention is something that has existed with all BenQ firmwares on all scanning capable drives since 8x CAV scanning speed was introduced to CD-DVD Speed, even back to the 800 series drives.
I believe that alan was refering to the multiple slowdowns throughout the scan. I don’t want to speak for alan though…
My intent was to show that the “multiple slowdowns” that most people see is not necessaraly due to the version of firmware used.
Correct me if I’m wrong…

It does not happen with BSLB and firmwares prior to that on the DW 1640. It happens at about 380mbs with all the other firmwares after BSLB.

Wow! I could have sworn alan posted a reply…
Anyway, to what he did post and show I somehow missed that “stop” disappearing from the scanning. It has always been present in my drives dating back to my 800A.
Thanks for bring that to light for me alan.

All Benq firmwares have that slowdown with 8X CAV scanning?
I think the scanning without slowdown should like this…

hmm…yeah, thats what alan showed in his disappeared post too.
Maybe I’ll flash BSLB and see if I get the same.


BSLB does not have the speed dips in scans.
Also, B7W9 fw solved the speed dips in the 1620.

I never “upgraded” after BSLB . . . never saw any reason to. :iagree:

Same here. BSLB on mine. I don’t think I ever tried anything newer, I might have but went back because it seems like its been on it forever.
B7W9 on my 1620s too.

Thanks, thats good to know, I haven’t had the 1640 in my system for quite some time till recently, my 1620 either for that matter.
So many drives, too little time…

So true. :bigsmile: