BenQ 1640/BSKB/RPC1



Hi :slight_smile:
Just tried tdb RPC1 patch. Guess what, recording speed now 4x with MCC 004 media.Having probs flashing to previous f/w.
QSuite2 doesn’t recognise f/w making Suite redundant.


Check to see if DMA is on!


Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks for input but not DMA.
Conflict between RPC1 & Solid Burn/OverSpeed features.
If you want RPC1 then don’t have either Solid Burn or OverSpeed enabled.
If you do you’ll get similar recording results to mine.(See previous post)
Have now got back to BSKB clean & all probs gone.


Mine works fine with RPC1 and Solid Burn and Overspeed on.


Hi :slight_smile:
So tell me. :doh:
I uninstall QSuite & flash both 1640 back to BSGB. Then upgrade to BSKB(tdb), followed by reinstall of QSuite. :rolleyes:
Hey presto everything is fine again. :bigsmile: :clap: