BenQ 1640 at Circuit City 79.99



BenQ 1640 at Circuit City 79.99 and they marked down the 1620 Pro to 49.99USD. Thats almost as cheap as New Egg. You would not believe the sales (unadvertised) they had on 19 inch monitors. The Benq 1640 said Made in June 2005 on the box.


Is it in-store only? If so, what state/store? I only see 1620 on CC’s website.


It in the Eatontown N.J. store and they had plenty. It is not on their web site, I am going to wait for but if want a 1620 Pro, 49.99 is a great price. Newegg told me they would have on their website at the end of the week. They had no price. If CC has it for 79.99 retail with software and ide cable then New Egg should have it for 49.00.


Yeah, that’s steep at CC, although I’m not surprised. NCIX has it for around $51.50, and with the delivery it would be $16 more, so $$67.50 delivered (approx.) NewEgg should definitely have it for around $49.00 with $4.00 FedEx and that’s when I’ll get it. Hate to basically throw this Pioneer DVR-108 away, but I it did a burn on a MCC003 that was absolutely abominable. Guess that was just another ‘live and learn mistake’ of mine. :frowning:

thanks for the heads up, Alan. I’ll be looking for the BenQ1640 at NewEgg and get one if it’s as low of a price as we are thinking.


You and I both know anytime CC has something for 79.00 Newegg will have for half that price, it might not have software and a cable and a box but I know you and I do not need any of that crap. The drive will be available by next Friday, as for me I can wait.


if the egg doesn’t get in it by friday of next week, am heading to CC, I am out of patience


I’m hoping gets the BenQ 1640 soon cause I don’t want to go throw $80 down at Circuit City and a week later has it for almost half the price. I’ve been tempted to get it over seas from the UK but I’m still a bit more patient than with my NEC ND-3540… just had to have the NEC. :bigsmile:


…But the 1640 at Circuit City is the retail drive, right? That’s the one I want. I prefer the much nicer face plate over the generic one on the OEM drive. I have a modded case and looks ARE important to me. :iagree:


Scored me a DW1640 at Circuit City in Los Angeles! :clap: Date Code: June 2005. BSHB firmware installed. Contents of retail box? TWO (?!) screws, one CD with NERO suite, Warranty card, and of course, the drive. (Black face plate with nice retail design). Was $79.95, but no delivery charge since I picked it up, and it’s a retail drive. The drive is shorter than the DW1620 by like an inch, so it should fit nicer in a cramped case. Now need to install it. :slight_smile:


People believes the BenQ 1640 OEM will be at newegg by this friday with price tag 49.99. I wonder how valid that info is… And if newegg will also offer retail version at the same time.

@dtog, have fun.


2 screws … ? So, the “Retail” version is the NERO cd, a nicer face plate, and 2 screws? Wow!! Well … you really can’t put a price on fun, though, now can you?

Enjoy, dtog!! Let us know how she runs.

Btw, if you have any TYG02’s, there are some really incredible 8x scans in the 1640 media post thread. Thought I saw one with <5,000 PIE and like 29 PIF!!

Whoo yah!!


Zevia Check this out. First Burn. TY DVD+R @ 8X burn, DW1640 and from the 1st batch of TY disks…(the ones that did not do as well when I 1st tested the DW1620 Pro). Lowest errors I have ever burned. And look at that LOW jitter! :iagree:


NCIX already offers this drive at $45 USD, so it’s very possible NewEgg will have that for $49.99.


Well, it’s the end of the week now, Friday 4:20PM newegg time.


I just posted what they told me on the telephone. Maybe their shipment is late, or maybe they want get rid of all their 1620s first.


Just got back from CC this Sunday (7/31/05)…

Guess what folks !!!

Both the 1620 and the 1640 are the same price…


Wait for NewEgg !!!


WOW! Glad I got mine for $79 now :iagree:


i believe thier is 30.00 rebate on the 1620 i was at CC on fri. and was tempted to pick up a 1640 but changed my mind.


still haven’t seen this drive at newegg, and the circuit city near my house is clearing out the 1620 retail pro for $49.99, but they dont have the 1640 in stock, argggggg, what am I going to do, drive to another circuit city? I am going to call newegg tomorrow


I can tell ya 1st hand, the 1640 is worth more than the 1620 and it’s a worth-while upgrade. This drive just plain ROCKS! Imagine a drive with every major “feature”, bit-setting, full PI/PIF testing ability, 16X ± R, 48X CDR, 32X CDRW, 8X DVD+R DL, 8X DVD+RW, etc, and the new Solid Burn feature comming up. :bow: