BenQ 1640 and reading of badly pressed Asian DVD's



Based on the positive reviews I bought today a BenQ 1640 drive to complement the Plextor 716A I had before. I have one movie (original pressed DVD from India) which none of my previous drives have been able to read to the end and my standalone DVD players skip part of the movie. Since the reviews I have read claimed the BenQ drive has excellent error correcting capabilities, I was naturally eager to try if it could rip the DVD to my HD so I could make a decently working backup of it. To my disappointment the 1640 does not recognize the disc at all. It does seem to read other DVD’s ok, though I haven’t of course had that much time to evaluate it’s capabilities yet to see if there’s anything wrong.

Is BenQ not good with these kinds of discs? Is there any other drive that excels with them?


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Well not to be really rude but…If nothing plays them then why would you expect the BenQ would? I’d say you need to buy a new original and then back it up. JMO


The question is how badly the disk was pressed or damaged.
The Benq 1620/1640 are very good readers but cannot do miracles on badly damaged disks.
Try setting your ripping software for more retries and ignoring read errors though.


If the disc is bad to begin with and no other drive is able to rip the files correctly then as suggested buy a new disc. I’ve been able to rip scratched discs with my BENQ 1620, 1640 & with my PLEXTOR 708A drive. Lots of the Asian dvds are made cheaply which is why sometimes the new discs don’t read well. :wink:


I have actually given up the hope of recovering the contents of the disc a long time ago but I’ve still been looking for the best drive to read damaged/badly pressed DVD’s coupled with good PI/PF reporting capabilities and good burn quality. This disc was in my mind kind of the ultimate test for error recovering capabilities but I’m starting to think maybe it is just too bad a mess to give any kind of comparison. It does worry me, however, that all the other drives I’ve tried at least successfully read much of the disc before giving up but BenQ gave up without trying.

Having another drive to try if the burn quality of my Plextor 716A was not satisfactory was another important issue for me and so far BenQ seems to deliver on that account but that has not been really put to test yet.


If you use DVD Decrypter, did you try setting read Speed at a lower value : ie 1X to 4 X ?
It might help.


LOL! Have you ever been to Asia and tried to buy a DVD there? There are many places where you can’t even find legit originals. Seriously… but since the crap DVDs (like pressed DVDs with DVD-R book types–wreaks havoc with almost all machines) are all pirated and are dirt cheap (not much more than the cost of a blank DVD, actually), it’s usually a good idea to just “buy” a new one.


BTW does reading pressed DVD’s - that make the drive spin up and down- do any damage to the drive’s longevity.

I mean shd i quit trying to copy any old DVD’s with scratches or those on cheapo media…


I did try setting the Plextor drive to 2x but that didn’t help too much. I think I’m done with that crappy disc and will throw it away so it doesn’t keep bothering me.