Benq 1640 and Plextor 740A in Same System...which goes?



I have three drives in my system. Plextor PX-716A, which I just received replacememt from Plextor…TLA 0308 built in June 2005…on IDE 2 as master…by itself. On IDE 1 I have Plextor 740A as master and Benq 1640 as slave. Frankly…the 716 smokes both the newer drives when burning Dual Layer…both the Plextor 740 (firmware 1.01) and Benq 1640 (firmware bsjb) will burn the first layer at 8X and second layer at 4X (every time)…taking a total of 24 minutes to burn. The 716 Burns a full DL in 18 minutes give or take 30 seconds. Quality from the 716A is always Good to very good using Plextools. Quality is same for DL on both the 740 and 1640…mainly because the second layer is only burning at 4X. Frankly when it comes to the 1640 and 740…I am NOT impressed at all. I see people with scans showing 8X full disk DL burns…and I can’t achieve them. Maybe I have one too many things in my machine…and voltage drops when the latter drives are shifting layers…who knows. I got both the 740 and 1640 because I can’t fully trust the 716A…for it’s track record is less than stellar. Too many bad drives, etc. I currently use the Benq for reading…740 for single layer and 716A for dual layer…too much…either the 740 or the 1640 moves to my other machine…thoughts?



One last thing. When burning single layer 16X Verbatim MMC004 disks…with the 740 or 1640…scans are questionable quality on the outer zone…scanned with the Benq I get quality 90-92 mainly because of the increase in errors toward the end of the scan. Both Plextor and Benq need to work on better firmware…both Single and DL…DL is not very good with these drives
P4-3.2 GHZ on Asus P4C800E Deluxe
Western Digital 74 GB SATA Raptor
WinXP Professional SP2


it doesn’t matter which one you move since both are the same drives, just different firmware. For me, I would move the BenQ 1640 to a new machine, it deserves its own system and the machine with 2 plextor drives makes your case look better too. But also have plextor and benQ firmwares on both system in handy in case you want to cross flash back and forth so making it more versatile.