Benq 1640 and 1655: Messed up scan?

Well I just got a new Benq 1640 (its actually a plextor 740 crossflashed to BSLB).

But something pretty strange is going on here: When I scan a DVD (YUDEN T02) using my old 1655 (BCDB) and my new 1640, the scans are totally different!!
BTW I also noticed my 1655 burns my T02s much, much better!

Is this nomal?? Shoud I really be getting these completely diferent scans with my 1655 and 1640 with the same disc?


Benq 1655 scan:

Benq 1640 scan (same disc):

Your scanning speed is set to Maximum which might be the case of those difference. Use our forum standard of 8x scanning speed and rescan both of them again.

Also, different drives and different firmwares have different behavior when scanning a disc so comparing scans conducted in different drives is pretty difficult. Set with one drive you find comfortable.

Well I don’t know why, but my 1655 cannot scan at 8x! If I set scan speed to 8x, it scans the entire disc at about 3x… I could never get this problem fixed, so thats why I used maximun speed.

Would rescanning at 4x help??

Scanning at 4x CLV would be fine. But we need to find out why your drives do not want to scan at 8x. What are the selections, do you have 6x CLV and 8x P-CAV?

Yes I do.

Okay, please show us 4x CLV scanning speed then. I don’t know what might cause your drives won’t scan at 8x CAV but I would still like to see your 8x CAV scanning speed scans.

Removing/reloading IDE driver may fix this problem.