BenQ 1640 a poor scanner?

As a DVD writer I’m a big fan of the BenQ 1620 and 1640 but recently I have beocme concerned about the value of the 1640 as a long term scanner. I continue to get 99% Quality scores at the time I write a DVD but scanning older DVDs ( 3 to 6 months old) shows scans still within the recognised limits but ugly nontheless. scanning the same disks on a 1640 gives much better results and scanning with a Liteon 1693S shows no problems at all.

The conclusion that I have reached is that while the BenQ1640 is an excellent writer it is not much use as a scanner. what do others think ?

Scans please… =)

Degrading of scans with time can be due also to bad quality media. Can you post what media give you such results?

Wait, what?

Yo HS-

While waiting for my new cables to arrive - I have been messing with the 1640 flashed to EW164b with firmware BEFB and did the following scans-

These scans are with SB=On / WOPC=Off / OS=Off

First one with the BenQ-

Second with LiteOn 1693s - CD-DVD Speed Quality Scan

Third with LiteOn 1693s - Kprobe

This is with Taiyo Yuden 4x TYG01:

Yo HS-

Now - exact same order - but this time with Taiyo Yuden 8x TYG02

As you can clearly see in both cases - the BenQ scans are entirely different than the CD-DVD Speed and Kprobe scans (which pretty much agree with each other) which leads me to suspect that the BenQ scans are somewhat biased towards their scans of their own burns-

Anyway - thought that I would share these with everyone as food for thought-


After these scan what is your opinion of this new BFEB firmware. Do you like it better than BSLB, are you going to keep it or flash back? Would you recommend other flash it?


At this time - my jury is still out - waiting for my Vantec round Ultra 133 cables from Newegg to arrive (probably tomorrow) to see if it is in fact a cable problem or WOPC on/off problem, etc

So far though - it looks encouraging IMO


Yo alan-

Take a look here:

The results are getting better - I’m getting to like the BEFB-