Benq 1640 $40 + $1 REFURBISHED

Get’em while there hot. :disagree:

You have to be very carfull with newegg refurbished items. Refurbished does not mean that it was factory refurbished. It many cases it means that it was returned and from some of the stories I have heard, the really don’t look at them at all, the just tape anything returned shut and sell it as refurbished (they do actually get factory refurbs sometimes, but because of their descriptions, you never really know). I have heard of people getting things such as a motherboard with leeking, bloated caps ozzing stuff all over the board. Esential items are not guarenteed to be included and they will not provide them if missing, so you could get a modular power supply with all the cables missing. To be completlly fair to newegg, plenty of people have gotten good deals on stuff that works just fine, but you might not even get a manufactures waranty, and the return time is very short. With the low avalability of 1640’s (you pretty much have to buy a rebadge), it might be worth the risk, but be aware, there is a resonable risk.


Personally - I would spend the extra few $ and get the 1650 (when it arrives) or 1655-

I’m with ripper - and would not trust anyones refurbed drive-


My refurb from the egg has not had any problems, in fact it
is better than my retail NEC.

The first thing I would do if I got one is look for a waranty card/contact benq with the serial number to see if it has a valid warranty. Remember you only have 14 days or something like that to return refurbs to newegg so I would do it right away. If it has a valid warranty, then there is not much risk. Worst case senerio, its a dead or messed up drive and you can get it replaced by benq. It might not hurt to see if it will accept a flash with official benq firmware too. I’m guessing that a few of them might be returns where someone messed up the firmware and exchanged as defective and you will need official benq firmware on there if there are any warranty issues.

Ive flashed about 10 times with no error who knows if it will last but for now it works very well.

My guess is that if it is working now it will continue to work just fine. I’m not saying you cannot get a good drive buying a newegg refurb (I have heard of people getting good working stuff that continued to work fine lots of times). You should be able to flash it as many times as you like too. What kills it is if you have a power falure, your computer frezzes (like from a power surge from a cheap power supply or a computer that is overclocked to far etc.). If something disrupts it while it is actually flashing it can kill it. I’m not sugesting that yours will have flash problems. I’m sugesting that someone might have had a failed flash and returned the drive because of it (they dont test them). It is just as possible though, that someone just didn’t like the drive, and that is why they returned it (maybe they tried crappy media and it didn’t work so they blamed the drive). In that case it could be a barlly used drive that is in perfect working condition.
my whole point was that there is a little bit of a gamble there as they are untested, returned drives. The very well could be just find but I’m guessing there might be some dead ones (a higher chance than normal). Also, just in general, there refurbs can be missing critical parts making them unusable (there not really anything to be missing with a drive so this would apply to other refurb items from newegg, I was just talking in general about all newegg refurbs, not just drives).

Ripit, you can step off your soap box now. :slight_smile: lol


I don’t see any BenQ 1640 refurbished for $40 in the related newegg link you have, I am missing some thing?.


It was there - but it is gone now - probably our fellow freaks sucked up the available supply - again-eh!


I’ll go along with that. Out of the refurb products that I have purchased, the only one that still functions great is a car amp that I picked up 5-6 years ago. I had a refurb HP computer for a while but it had a Maxtor that started going bad right before I sold it, and a Sony Monitor that blew up after 15 months. You just never know what standards are being applied to get the unit back into working condition and they tend to use the cheapest replacement parts possible.

I have bought "Modem, Router, M/B and Scanner they all work great and the scanner after 3 years still is the best. I have no problem buying refurbished if I am able to look into it myself before buying it (not from onliners) e.g. Fry’s Electronics is the one I buy the refurbished because I know I could always return it if does not work.