Benq 1640 $38.99 @ Newegg, $45 @ ZipZoomFly



Newegg- Benq 1640

Back in stock.


Free 2nd day shipping.

The Newegg price with shipping $42.99 with UPS 4 days shipping, no tax for me. So it is really $2 versus 2 day faster.
I ordered mine from Newegg just because I already had an account set up with them.


Yes, I ordered one from newegg… I had better get a non-defective unit this time!


One thing to note… ZipZoomFly does not do warranty support. You have to go direct to BenQ. I had a problem with my last 1640 not burning at more than 4x, but BenQ would not replace.


it seems like a majority of BenQ drives from Newegg are defective. Why would anybody buy anything from them, I don’t care how low the price, it’s no good if the chances for you to receive a defective drive is that high!!!


Why would you assume they get drives from different places. :disagree: More people buy from newegg so you are going to hear about it more. :doh:


I don’t know that we can assume the majority are defective. I’ve bought tons of stuff from newegg that wasn’t defective. In the rare event you get something defective, they are usually really good about RMA or refund - which is reason enough to buy from them.


newegg has the 1640 listed twice now. one is listed “out of stock” and the other “in stock” …i wonder what the difference is or if it is just a typo.


Three for 3 are good, 2 1620’s and 1 1640 from NewEgg.


I think one list the DVD-RW speed at 8X and one at 6X!


In stock 1640

And it is 6X -RW, 8X +RW


do a “compare” - the out of stock and in stock are the same thing exactly.
why would they have that? hope they are not trying to resell RMA’d drives…


Model #: DW1640 BK OEM
Model #: DW1640

There is a small difference there… I got the 2nd one, it should be here today. I’ll let you know.


Thanks. please do tell us your experience.
am looking for another drive and the 1640 looks like a great one to get.


I think the “BK” just stands for Black faceplate


I got Made in China, July 2005, BSHB, jumper set to slave, OEM faceplate with no BenQ logo. Hooking it up now and taking it for a spin.


Made in July, that could be a good sign. Most of the bad ones are Made in May 2005.


ain’t this forum the best?:bow:
talk about real time info…
if your drive is good i’m popping in the order right away. :slight_smile:


Actually, I really do like this forum… everyone is always so helpful/encouraging. Don’t know where I’d be without it.

The new drive is working quite well (knock on wood!). Here are the first few burns, which I did after flashing to BSIB after installation. I will flash over to BSLB next.

Some nice points: no thrashing, drive spins up and doesn’t ramp up/down during writing. No chirping.


:doh: now newegg is all out!
oh well, maybe soon they will have some more…


I still havent ordered mine but I am soo tempted. I just want to see which direction the new Nec Labelflash and the HP 740 goes.