BenQ 1640 $38.00 and free shipping

I also prefer the fact that +R can be set to ROM. Sigh. Maybe the next BenQ, LOL.

$33. chuckle. Just two years ago these things were $1+ each. Retail…$3 each! Heh

Not really. Newegg just doesn’t want to get stuck with a huge number of RMAs like they did with the 1620 problems early this year. When I talked to them about it last spring they were really annoyed with BenQ.

After 30 days you just deal with BenQ. It costs the same to ship and they turn around the same day.

It seems DVD burner prices are not going to fall fast anymore. DW1620 was available for nearly the same 1 year ago and DW1620 then was nearly as good as DW1640 is now. I don’t like stagnancy. :frowning:

I wonder what the new Plextor 760 18x drive will cost? I am not buying anymore drives until I see that one in action, or at least some scans at 18x.

I can’t imagne DVD burner prices getting any lower. Paying $40 - $50 for a drive seems pretty good to me. Especially when I paid over $200 for a 16X cd burner about 4 1/2 years ago. Also, as prices decrease, quality control and burning quality also seems to decrease. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for a quality drive.

I read a very thorough technical paper some time ago that said the physical limits of spinning discs (DVDs) would maximize the writing speed at 16X.

Amazing what the marketing people will demand to try to increase or “need” to buy a new drive.

My 3500 does everything I want at around 12 minutes. Anything else would be just for fun. I suppose I might buy it but, after all, how many drives does one need.

Will do. Rima here we come again :iagree: :bigsmile:

I want that 100 if only for a moment More important then sex, almost as important as beer :iagree: