BenQ 1640 $38.00 and free shipping

at Newegg this weekend.

Try this for a link. :slight_smile:
BenQ Black IDE DVD Burner Model DW1640 - OEM $37.99

no more benq’s from newegg for me :disagree:

Just ordered one. Hope its not defective.

Well over the past few weeks I put three in for three friends, got them all
from newegg and no problems so far.

Can you picture what I was going to say? But I will stay out of it. :a

I ordered and recieved the exact BenQ1640 in the link above. I believe all the problems with the May2005 MIC drives have been resolved and these drives will be as good as the one I recieved which is excellent. I would not hesitate to order another one.

i have no idea what you were going to say, but’s its a free country so speak your mind.

i just put my 2 cents in and that’s all.

don’t sweat it, some people have better luck then others. i just had a problem with the ones i got from them, but that doesn’t mean you will too.


Please feel free not to purchase your BenQ’s from Newegg-

I purchased my BenQ 1620 from Newegg and had to return it as defective too - but that did not prevent me from getting my BenQ 1640 from them (and it has turned out to be a very good burner)-

So - if anyone is interested in a BenQ product or any other computer related product - please consider Newegg as your source - their Customer Service and shipping are great and they have some of the best online prices in the industry-


Hahaha…if you’re using it internally you should be fine…if not, I’d suggest you to read my woes here as well:


After returning to May drives to Micro Center, I ordered one (got an August) from Newegg this week and all is fine so far. My first 98 and 99’s ever.

Wish I could get a 99. Best I ever got was a 98. But the GO2’s are on their way. Come on 100 :bow:

G02’s. Yeah. That’s the only kind I get 99 with. Figures. I haven’t used -R for years. Got a stack at Staples for 40 for $8, on a wim.

Go figure.

[B]The only thing I don’t like about this deal is NewEgg’s stated warranty as follows:

“** This item may only be returned for a replacement of the same make/model within 30 days only.”

Sounds like there is only a 30 day warranty on this 1640 (no 1-Year)…[/B]

just ordered 1 - along with some other goodies (amongst them …verbatim data-life-plus 8x 50cake for 25USD +4shipping) - thanks for the post

darn, I just bought 2 drives the other day for $39.99 + $8 supersaver shipping. Should have waited for 2 days

You might try YUDEN000 T02s. I get better results on the TY +R than on the -R.

chas0039: That’s what I figured too. But my T02’s (FujiFilm) get 96-97 QS. I mean…that’s fine and all, but it’s sure nice to see a 99 for the first time. Heh

Pinan, that’s BenQ for you. They seem to have drive variability built in. Makes it interesting though, you never know but that you will get a winner.

Anyway, now that the -Rs are $30 you can get a better price than I do. I still have to pay $33 for my +R TYs.