Benq 1640 - 2 versions or Newegg weirdness?



Newegg just credited my account for my RMA’d defective drive, stating that it was out of stock / discontinued. However, although their web site lists the drive as such, it <b>also</b> lists what appears to be the same drive as available!

Aside from $1 price difference, a missing BK suffix (the drive is still black), and different item#, all specs appear to be identical. :confused:

Here’s the link:

What do you think, fellow cdfreaks, is it a revised drive or just a bit of marketing confusion?


Hi :slight_smile:
As 1640 is manufacturered in two countries, this could relate to country of origin.


hmm…very weird…I had to RMA my 1640…and got a refund and just immed. reordered the $40.99 drive…
This drive is coming from Rowland warehouse…first one which was made in China, May 2005 was from NJ

anybody get a now made in china 1640???


maybe it’s not guaranteed to be a black faceplate…seems the other two models listed are specific in color and the only difference with this one is no color designation…


The first 1640 was the one $39.99 but it was actually $46.99…came from NJ very long serial number

I had to rma this own…second one I got was the black $40.99 and it is shipoping from call with a very different serial number string…I hope it is not an older drive or one with non retail fw…wont know till next week…


I just P.Md you with my information. I am going to return this one also, its worst than the first one. It just doesnt live up to the product specs and I could understand if my computer wasn’t up to date but it is, I run at 2.8 with over 1 gig of ram and all my other drives run perfectly. I tried it as master on secondary and slave, also tried it by itself on a channel to no avail. My problem is with the read, spins up and down consistanly with DL prerecorded movies like Goodfellas and all the movies I own.


Do either versions come with Nero OEM? I’m assuming since they are labeled as OEM, neither have the retail faceplate. Those are the only differences I could think of off the top of my head.


Yes both of my 1640s from NewEGG CAME WITH AN oem VERSION OF NERO.


That’s just confusing since the white drive is the only one with the software pictured and when I emailed the customer support a few weeks ago, they said that the black OEM drive didn’t come with Nero.

In case no one figures out the difference sooner, I emailed customer support to see what kind of answer they can give. I can post the response if people want.


Yes please do so, I would be interested in what they have to say. The new one they sent me was set to slave position in the box, the first one they sent was set to master, I am thinking they sent me a drive somebody else RMAd.


Hi :slight_smile:
In link here
Three listed drives.
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
I appreciate that this is a US site, however BenQ UK inform me that the difference between 1st & 3rd options is country of origin. Both models are black facia.
Any difference in the price has to do with batch allocation, I guess they’re saying price rise incoming = price rise outgoing.
N.B. 1st & 3rd items do actually say black if you read fully shortcut title.


So is the first one made in Malaysia and the 3rd made in China?


is there any evidence to batches from one country being better or worse than batches from the other (China & Malaysia)…evidence that’s statistically significant i mean?


Hi :slight_smile:
Yes that is certainly the info from BenQ UK.


Hi :slight_smile:
None that I’ve seen in the UK. I myself have two biege models. The one that says made in China, serial # shows in s/w. Model made in Malaysia doesn’t.
In performance terms differences so slight & more likely down to media.
Both my drives came with BSHB f/w & were oem. Purchased about 2 weeks apart. Same supplier.


excellent info zebadee, thanks! :iagree:


I want a made in malaysia drive! Please let me know if that’s what you get with your new drive, nealh.


Only to pleased to be of assistance. I’ve gleaned info of you lot for years.


I just bought 3 BENQ 1640 OEM from GL tec and all of them are dated may and all came with NERO OEM SUITE…

@ alan1476 i did not look at the back of them all but the one i used for myself was set at slave also…


I only reason I think the drives made in Malaysia are better is because the one my friend bought retail was a Malaysia drive and he has no ripping problems. I am going to send my drive back for refund and get one at Circuit City 79.99 with a 30.00 rebate 49.99. I might get one that works and if it doesnt I can walk into the store and return it. This quality control on these drives are horrid.