Benq 1640/1650 or LiteOn in Nashville TN!

Hi guys , I want my brother to get me a new DVD Burner that would be used mainly for reading/scanning dvd media , I already have Pioneer 110 , that is a sh!tty reader/scanner .
What is best , Benq 1640/1650 or LiteOn latest model ?
Where could my brother find them in Nashville TN with reasonable price?
Staples and CompUsa have no Benq or LiteOn .

The Benq 1640 can be found as a Sony DR-810A. Can be crossflashed to Benq firmware. Is a good reader and writer.

Benq 1655 can be found as an I/O Magic Lightscribe 8x DL+R burner. Also a good reader/ripper/scanner. Good enough that I have bought 2.

I think that I saw Sony 810A when I was in Cairo or was it 820A ? I don’t remember , what is 820A ? Is it also Benq ?
If I crossflash it to Benq firmware would it be exactly as Benq , I mean firmware , software and capabilities ?

Also I saw the I/O Magic here :

But it is too expensive and I don’t / won’t need LS anytime soon , where can I find 1650 ? is it better than 1640 ?

Too many questions , sorry for that :smiley:

It’s newer than the 1640, as far as better it is basically the same as the 1655 but without Lightscribe. I am pleased with the 1640 and 1655 both. I don’t think the 1650 is available in a rebadged version yet. Could your brother order it online and send it to you? The OEM version is pretty cheap and can be crossflashed to the newest retail firmware using BQFlasher.

Benq 1650 OEM at Newegg

Thank you for your reply . :slight_smile:

He can’t order online :disagree:

I think it is better for me to get it from here “Egypt” coz I sometimes mess with my hardware and need the places I buy from to be near me :wink:
As for the 820A , is it realy Benq 1670 !!!
Is it better than 1650/55 and 1640 ?

It’s really a 1670, which is based on a Panasonic chipset, not a Philips chipset like the other 16xx drives are. Many people find the Philips chipset has better writing quality, as well as the ability to error scan media, and crossflash between different series of firmware. These things are not available under a Panasonic chipset, so unless someone writes a utility for it, I’m pretty sure there would be no way to switch it from a Sony to a BenQ.

I now hope that the Sony I saw was 810A/1640 :bow:
My brother just got me 2 spindles of Sony MIJ DVD+R 16X media “not TY” :frowning:
But at least they were the last MIJ in Staples :bigsmile:

You are correct in the sense that firmwares for the Philips chips are better optimized in write quality than those of most Panasonic chip based drives. Fact is the Panasonic chips can deliver excellent write quality and performance when the firmware is in the hands of a development staff that knows how to handle it (Panasonic has not that development staff…)

So , I’d say stay at the safe side and get the 1640 that has more mature firmware support :iagree:

That is one way of looking at it, sure…
On the other hand, the Panasonic chip is showing up in numerous new drives and may just be the chip to beat in the near future (speculation).

What other drives that use the Panasonic chip ?
I myself prefer Panasonic than Philips in electronics :slight_smile:

Guys I’m also divided between a BenQ DW1650 and a LiteON 160P6S. I already have a LG GSA-4167B so this would be for scanning and to go where the LG can’t. What do you guys recommend? Price is not a problem between these two, I just want the best of them :slight_smile:

Here’s a simple tip to consider, the 1650 can overburn dvd’s the liteon cannot.
Sometimes that extra 200megs can come in handy.

Newegg has the DW1650 for $35 for those that don’t want to drive to a dozen local retail stores…

Just ordered myself a DW1650 on an online shop here at Portugal, I hope I’m not making a big mistake considering some complaints I’ve seen from people with DW1650 concerning the reading abilities of this drive. :slight_smile:

Can the 1640 overburn DVDs too ?
I have a couple of data files that would be more that 4483 MB for DVD+R by 50 MB and wanted them on DVD .