BenQ 162i EW

Hi I have been using the above BenQ External burner on my older xp sp3 laptop and now am trying to install the burner with the software disc with no good results on another of my xpsp3 laptops.
No matter how I try to install i keep getting the QSuite. I remember when I installed this burner and software that I had a problem with it.
It seemed to me that I had to install from elsewhere and not the disc and there was firmware for the unit as well.
This burner is still doing a good job for me and I really would like to set it up with my other xp sp3 laptop.
I had it set so that it would burn in DVD ROM all of the time.

I hope that there is some member that could oblige with a reply as to how I can resolve my dilemma.
Thank you for your time.

I have rethought my original post and what I am really asking is;
When I purchased the BenQ 162i EW, I was sent a tech tool,exe from BenQ, to check my firmward and then the zip file 47N and have been using that along with the BenQ 162i EW…I think Drivers from BenQ ever since?
I had a folder on my earlier model notebook that I set as BenQ and it contained all of my relative needed files and I would click on one file which would drop down and give me a choice as to what drive that I wanted to use…my internal drive or BenQ EW 162i.I would alwayschoose Benq and burn in Dvd ROM only as it was set at that permanently via a setting that BenQ gave me.

I believe what I should be asking is how to access those files and d/l them from what site? This is really not a software issue…it is related to settings on the BenQ 162i and how I find out where to get them since BenQ is no longer selling burners under their brand name. I have checked their former office in California.
I can’t remember how i got this set up except that I believe that it was via BenQ in their California location? before they started manufacturing for Sony.

I really would appreciate it if a member could respond to this as I am of the belief that it has nothing to do with the software disc as it is the bit setting dvd Rom that I acquired andI burned in DVD Rom with many purchased apps besides Nero.

I am optimistic that someone will know what I am trying to explain.
Thank you for your time.

Thx for the reply. I was wondering if you have a BenQ or used one as I am wondering if I have to install QSuite etc. on the CD provided with the unit when I purchased it as I have forgotten.
It seemed to me that I don.t have to in order for the burner to work. I think I only need the drivers, and firmware…is that correct?

You don’t need QSuite, but it’s useful to have. QSuite is the only way you can change any of the settings in the drive’s firmware.

You don’t need drivers. It’s a mass storage device supported by all modern operating systems.

The drive already has firmware, otherwise, it wouldn’t work. You can upgrade the firmware, but you don’t have to.

Hi, I have been offline for a few days and so the late replay. So maybe I should install QSuite and nothing else, just in the event that I need it.
I really appreciate your knowledge and your sharing of information to an inexperienced user such as myself.