Benq 162I and problems with Nero OEM?

I posted a query about the Benq and the software that originally came with it"BenQ’s Sonic Record Now, Intervideo Win Cinema etc and the problems with it and thus they sent me the OEM Nero. But in that post got no replies and so I am now inquiring strictly on Nero OEM.

I rid of the original BenQ software installed and did a Reg Supreme clean and then installed their Nero software that they sent.

Before the install of Nero I burned a dvd with my own program using the Benq external as both my source and destination and I also burned a cd from my Toshiba notebook to the external Benq. Played them back and all was fine.

Finding no fault with the hardware I decided to install the Nero OEM that included Nero vision Express 2 (, Nero Showtime ( and Nero Express 6 ( the quick launch went to my task bar and the Icon for Smart Start to my Desk Top.
I clicked on the Smart Start and it flashed the Icon acorss my window down into my desktop quick launch and then it never functioned again.

So I kept trying to get the quick launch to open the program and sometimes it would and other times it would not and then it simply stopped doing anything and since i wanted to burn dvd’s I uninstalled it and had a terrible time getting rid of the "Ahead Incd exe. and the Ahead common files that were left behind.
What are these anyway and what could have caused this peculiarity with Nero?
Since it is Nero that I really wanted to install as i hear so much about it I thought that I should do an individual post on the OEM and see if I can get responses.

Since it was so hard to get rid of the "Ahead Incd exe. and the common files I am reluctant to try this all over again.
i hope there is a member out there that might have some ideas on this as I would like to use some of the components of Nero. I just spoke to BenQ and they said that there should be an option during the install to decide if I want to install InCd or not and since they have said in some cases it is problematic they suggested not to install their drag n drop feature.
Does anyone know where I might find theis ability to not install the InCd.exe as I certainly did not see the Option.
BenQ also suggested make sure all of my antivirus was disenabled and it was.

I really would appreciate any help at all on this or a suggestion as to where I might pose this question.

Respectful regards,

BenQ is right Nero InCD is bad news ( all packet writing software is bad news as far as I am concerned.)

I have never seen any version of Nero OEM or retail that installed InCd automatically. it may be some quirk in the program and or some quirk casued by installing it with a USB burner attached. are you installing the program from the CD in the USB external drive or from your notebook drive? I would install it from the notebook drive.

Also the OEm versions of Nero tend to be rather old programs I would also download the latest version from nero and update the program as soon as you install it from the disc.

The version is the 6.3 Nero, OEM. I did install it from the notebook cd/rw drive.
you mention to download the newer version, however is that not a purchase version ? and is that necessary to update my OEM version. I raise this only because I am leary about forking out the money and then having the problems persist and end up unistalling the program again.

actually when you put the Nero disc in the computer it comes up with the title of OEM suite which includes the nero vision, nero showtime, and nero express 6 ( version and it has a large bracket around these to show that they comprise the suite and then the Incd is listed underneath these aforementioned.
I don’t know if by default the Incd.exe and the Ahead Common files get automatically included when you install or not.

Since I am not familiar with Nero and a newbie, all i really wanted was a cd burner and playback and not even a dvd burner program as i am using 1 click dvd copy and so i am posing this question, would it be the nero express 6 and only the nero showtime then that I would want?

What is nero vision express 2?

i have looked into the tutorial site and can’t seem to find any information on what happens when you install only the nero express 6 and nero showtime, what I mean is does the Incd.exe and the Ahead Common files that i had one devil of a time getting rid of, (took about an hour of picking and Reg Supreme use ) simply include themselves in these applications? Or is there an option not to have the “Ahead”? I don’t want the “Ahead” incd.exe and the Ahead Common files. Or will Nero not work without them?

I didn’t know where to post this, however since the Nero OEM came from BenQ, I decided to post it here.
i hope that this additional information may be able to generate some responses so that i can get the use of the cd burner and playback from the Nero and as well the playback from the Showtime and as I said I don’t really need the dvd burner program because of the 1 click dvd copy that I use and am exceptionally pleased with, but if it comes in the Express it will be available but I just won’t use it.
I look forward to responses, thankyou.

the upgrade you download from Ahead will update your OEM version to the latest version and it wont cost you.

Nero Vision Express is a DVD authoring program that includes Nero Recode. which some use to copy DVD movies. the lastest version is made by the author of DVD Shrink who was hired By Ahead.

personally I wouldnt install anything other than Nero Express. unless you need a DVD player then go ahead and install showtime I cant recommend it as I have never used it.

I have checked for updates and all I can seem to find is Nero 6 Reloaded which I don’t understand and I have tried surfing for Nero OEM 6.3.123B updates and get nothing, so I don’t really know what site the updates would be at and if the site would reference my Nero OEM by number?

Also, I guess in order for me to have it clear in my mind, if I just install Nero Express 6 and Nero Show time, will I get stuck with the Ahead Incd.exe and the common Ahead files???

And I would imagine that once I find the site for the updates that they would be listed by Nero Express and Nero Show time.
I was just wondering how I would know how far back I would go for the updates or will it list my OEM by number?

I’m sorry for these probably silly questions but I am really green when it comes to this topic.

Thankyou for your patience.

well, i spent a good portion of yesterday looking for updates for the OEM version6.3.123B updates and the only thing I could find was a new update for Nero Ultra Lite for Nero 6 Ultra Editions.

This does not sound like the OEM version, as I wondered before; would ther be a number assigned to the updates?

This was the the site .

I do have serial number that is assigned with my name to the OEM and so I would think that there should be something available for updates as was suggested by the prior poster.
i really want to look into that as I am just interested in the Express and Showtime for a dvd player and maybe not even the latter as i already have Intervideo Win Dvd and then use the Windows Media Player 10 for testing my cd’s that I have burned.
I just like to have the players for testing.

I am definitely not going to look into the install of Incd and Templates which was the other program not listed with the suite…

When you click on OEM Suite for install, you get Nero Burning Rom, Nero Start Smart, Cover Designer and Nero Back it Up Application and not the Incd, I have checked that out.

I would appreciate comments if anyone knows if this OEM can be updated per the prior poster’s suggestion.


the new update si the one you need to install. Nero does not catagorize it’s updates they release one update for all versions ie; retail, OEM, Etc… the program will recognize what version you are using an update it accordingly. if you have a serial number for the OEM then you should be able to do a clean install and use the serial number.

I do have a serial number for my OEM and I clicked on product centre and it took me to the site of Nero Ultra Lite for updates.
So I guess I should download these updates to improve my program quality?

As you can see I am new to all of this.

Regards and thankyou for comments