Benq 1625's new firmware, BBEA!

Here … could i request someone to make a cvt file out of this?

Release Reasons:

  1. Improve the writing & reading ability for DVD-R media.

  2. Improve the writing performance for DVD+R DL media.

  3. Update the writing strategy for MBI 16x DVD-R & BenQ (Daxon) 8x DVD+R media.

well …1625 is still pretty new

agree… and not all countries have it… but was hoping TDB would make a cvt and rpc1 out of this, coz i cross-flashed mine to Hp 640C

Nice. We have cvt for Philips LS16, HP640c and soon we will have one for BenQ 1625. Happy crossflashing :slight_smile:

Yeees! I have just seen here:


Is there somebody to test this 1625’s firmware on BenQ 1620? :stuck_out_tongue:

dun be foolish

Jan70 told us that BenQ 1620 and Philips 1640 can indeed be flashed with the 1625 Firmware due to similar hardware. However, the hardware part that recognises LightScribe discs is missing and therefor the drive will not be able to recognise a LS disc.

So flashing 1620 to 1625 won’t make sense, but you are free to try - maybe jan70 told us this story to keep us away from finding out that it indeed works and no part is missing :wink: j/k

Perhaps it is useful in the Future, when Benq decides to push the 1640 and stops the firmware engineering for the 1620.
The 1625 is a new drive, so maybe there will be a longer support with new firmwares.

Greetz Johnny :bigsmile:

the 1625 has lower burn speeds than thw 1620! updating your 1620 with 1625 firmware would make no sense!

Might not be good for 1620 owners but its great news for anyone with a BenQ based Lightscribe drive .Ive Flashed my HP 640c with the philips DVDR16 firmware and now ill be able to play with the BenQ 1625 firmware .HP has said in July there will be a lightscribe firmware\media update that will make lightscribe 2X.

How did you flash your HP with the Philips firmware. I get wrong drive error. Do you have the .cvt file for the Philips?


Brand: BenQ 8x
Type: DVD+R 8x rated
Burned with: NERO CD-DVD image file
Burned at: 8x speed
Burntime: 8:07
Booktype: DVD+R
Firmware: BBEA


Brand: OEM 8x
Type: DVD+R 8x rated
Burned with: NERO CD-DVD image file
Burned at: 8x speed
Burntime: 8:10
Booktype: DVD+R
Firmware: BBEA

Thanks to The Dangerous Brothers heres a few .cvt files you all may like to try out

HP 640c Firmware

Philips DVDR16LS Firmware

BenQ 1625 Firmware (No TDB release yet)

Happy Crossflashing

So, has anyone managed to make BBEA into a .cvt file yet?

Thank you very much!

Now, after TDB released .CVT file we can try it out. :smiley:

Nah… don’t think it’s that much about burn speeds, for me (1620) it’s fun just to test it out if the drive will be working at all… :bigsmile: