BENQ 1625 with Lightscribe



I recently purchased the BenQ 1625 DVD rewriter with Lightscribe. I burnt an image with title onto the disk, but it came out in different shades of black. Does it not burn in colour?? If it does where do I get the update so it will



No, Lightscribe does not (yet) burn in color. Did you not know before you bought the drive?

But here is a link with the announchment of color lightscribe:


No I didn’t know. I read the article and the way I"m reading it is that the CD’s or DVD’s are going to be in colour. Instead of the gold coloured disks they have now they will have 5 different coloured disks…that’s how I took the article.

thanks for your reply


Hmmm, I understood it so that the disk have support for yellow, orange, red, green and blue, and that you can mix thoose colors. If you must choose one of thoose colors as background by picking the right disc, whats the point?