Benq 1625 with lightscribe for 59.39 Shipped!



Shop4tech has the benq 1625 with lightscribe for 59.39 shipped. site says 65.99 but when you apply coupon code SUMMER10 it comes down to 59.39 and free shipping

Anyone ordering this if you would, use my customer number I believe my customer number is shannons@southshore.comor the referal code is cd687kv2 one of the 2. Please use the referal code when ordering…thanks If you use the above link, i believe you get a 10% discount automatically and the coupon code doesnt work. If you just wanna use the coupon code without referal then use the following link, but i perfer you use the referal link so i can get some credits…Thanks.

I was goofing around and found that you can use both the coupon and the referal to get both credits. comes out to around 53 bucks if you use both. I


if this referal link does not work, pm me here or email me at and i will send you a referal link. with the link u will get 10% off your purchase and then put in the coupon code SUMMER10 and you will get that discount as well. with both the referal link and coupon the drive comes out to around 53 bucks shipped. i know my first post said coupon and referal wont work together, but after messing around, i found that they both will work together


Sorry for the referals in the posts. Mods if you want to delete this thread go ahead and sorry again for the referal. I didnt see that in the rules, so again I appologize. Just trying to save our members some cash. Thanks