BenQ 1625 Scans on cheap -R +R media



Hi, I did a few scans on some cheap media that came out pretty good on this burner…
Is there no media that allows overspeeding the media? This burner burns RICOHJPNR02@4x while my 708A does 8x?? It also says on the benQ site that SONY D11 +R can do 12 and 16x. So I used mediacodeSpeededit and looked at the FW. 12x is already checked for SONYD11 and MBIPG101 R04…???
but 8x is the max I can burn? This is whats stoping me from editing the media codes.


As far as I know (I own and use a 1625 too), their is a bug in the firmware that makes that 12x burning isn’t possible. :sad:
If the media can’t do 16x, then the burner will do 8 (and thus not 12x) :Z :Z


hrmm… really… well i guess the only way is to use MediacodeSpeedEdit…
I hope they release a firmware to fix that because 12x is a good medium speed for disk that wont quite do 16x.

Pat, do you have trouble burning sony D11 in your plex 708a too? every sony i stick in there errors out on block 800. They burn great in the benQ. Also if i may ask, why did you choose the 1.09 FW instead of 1.10? just curious.

Edit: I just noticed the Ricoh RW only drive… and if i remeber correctly, it came in the form of SONY DRU-110A. cause i remember it was ricoh hardware… It stoped reading pressed cd’s after a year, but dvd’s fine.


Sorry, MCSE won’t help you out… :sad:

Read this post, and for older firmwares in this thread. :wink: