Benq 1625/Philips 16ls No Sense Info, Please advise



I bought myself a Phillips 16lsk drive and have been burning DVD’s in nero, i get no errors during the burn. But then when i go to Nero CD/DVD speed and click check quality of the burn. Someway through the burn i get an error message “no additional sense information”

This happens everytime. I then scan the burned DVD-/+R in my NEC 3540 and it scans through ok.

What is wrong with my 16LS. Yesterday i converted it to a Benq 1625 and updated the 1625 to the lastest ‘B’ Firmware. I burned a DVD+R and 80% way though the scan “No sense info came up”.

What is causing this, i do not have Clone CD installed. And why if it is a program causing it isnt it happening with my NEC burners scans.

Please do not say my 16LS is faulty.

So what is wrong and how do i fix my drive.



Could be the not ejecting the disc after burning it quirk, it’s an odd issue with BenQ/Philips drives after burning eject the disc, then put the disc back in and scan it and it should be okay, it only happens with DVD+R’s.

There is an old thread that details & covers the issue if you search I’m sure you’ll find it.


and also something to do with your pc setup configs and registry…