Benq 1625 lightscribe w/ dvd


Does anyone else get the following message when hitting “preview” in the nero lightscribe software (i’m using a verbatim lightscribe dvd):

The drive resource file does not support this disc type.
An update of the LightScribe host software may fix the problem.

Select the ‘Generic’ button to print with reduced quality.

You can download the latest LightScribe host software from the link below."

I try update but then it asks for a CD-ROM, and to insert the “LS_HSI disc.” What disc is that?


Hmm…it seems that it wanted the original Benq cd that came with the burner (although the disc is not named “LS_HSI”).

The message no longer pops up.

BTW, I just want to say that the lightscribe discs look GREAT!

Download the Lightscribe Host driver overhere:

I have tried the lightscribe host in that link and the one on hp’s website and I still cant get verbatim lightscribe dvdrs to work. Anyone know how to get it to work? The cdrs work perfectly.

Are you using the latest firmware BBHA ?

yeah, thats the weird thing. I am doing the same thing as everyone else and its still not working.

Hmm… well the only thing I can think of is try removing Nero from the computer

Then delete whatever is left behind e.g the Nero folder and anything hidden in the C:\Documents and Settings\Your user\Application Data\Ahead folder.

Also remove the C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe folder

Then will all that out of the way I would either install the latest LS driver first then install the latest Nero or install the LS driver and version of Nero supplied on the CD and then update them to the latest version and see if everything still works.

Fixed the “problem”

You’ll never guess what I was doing wrong :rolleyes:

What was it : )

:o The disc was upside down. I feel so stupid. I tinkered with it for over 2 hours, adding and removing the drivers and Surething.