BenQ 1625 - Is it likely that firmware will further improve burn speeds?

Especially Dual Layer.

Given past experience, does anyone think this is likely???
Or do you think the Lightscribe feature will have an effect
on the drives ability to increase speeds through firmware???

I want to pick this thing up thinking it will at least achieve 4x Dual Layer
and 16x -R speeds down the line.

I guess no takers. Just looking for one answer…

I am just wondering if lightscribe functionality
will impede the ability to increase speeds overall???
Since this and the HP drive are the first two to market.

the 1620 is the faster writer, 1625 is extremely limited in speed.

if you really need lightscribe, wait a few months till more drives will be available.


thanks for the response but I just read a new review, a more comprehensive one at

While the writer was disappointed in the dual layer and -R, he expected this to be fixed with firmware. If that is the case it is likely that this will be similar if not the same as the 1620 in the end, but with lightscribe.

Also lightscribe is getting a 50% boost with new media being released as of this week.

I guess I am going to go for it, and I’ll just wait for the increase in dual layer.

your right this drive actually can be crossflashed with 1620 fw but then you lose lightscribe.

Not only that, you will most probably also lose your warranty if something go’s wrong… :confused:

If you like to speed up some media, just use your stock LS firmware and run it through ala42´s MCSE. Yeah, you put your warranty at stake, but you still have LS if you are lucky to find a disc to “create”.

BTW back to topic question, yes it’s very likely that higher burn speeds will be enabled in firmware soon.
Been testing new BenQ/Philips LS f/w (on BenQ 1620) and I just can’t understand this conservative approach we see right now…