BenQ 1625/HP 640c won't read DVD-R

I started a thread some months ago about a problem with my HP640c DVD writer (really a BenQ 1625, as I understand) not being able to read DVD-R media. At all. Works with DVD+R media just fine.

That thread can be found here:

I tried all of the recommendations made there, including using better quality media (Verbatim) and flashing from the HP drivers to the BenQ 1625 drivers.

Flashing worked great, but the driver still does not read the media. For example: DVDInfoPro just keeps coming back with “No Media is present”.

AARRGGGHH!! This is driving me CRAZY!! Anybody else have any ideas on what to do to make this work? I would really appreciate any more help!

Joel Niemeyer

Which firmware are you using?


BenQ DVD DD DW1625 [FW BBHA] sorry if that’s the wrong answer

BBIA is available from

I don’t have any experience with the LS drives myself, hopefully somebody else can be of more assistance.


I don’t think this problem has anything to do with the lightscribe feature, athough the last thread I started on this did somehow turn in to a discussion about it.

I’m beginning to regret buying this drive.

The benq 1620/1625 firmwares do not allow 2x speed with 4x media, but allows it with 8x media.

I’m beginning to regret buying this drive.
Why ? Burning at 1x or 2x will not improve the write quality.

I too am having problems reading dvd-r discs with my benq 1625…I have some 4x Memorex with Prodisc03 dye…supposedly its supported but when putting in the disc the drive just spins and spins…thank god for my 1640 heh

Upps, my answer was intended for this thread :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess the best thing to do to save my sanity would just be to get a new one. I am now convinced this thing just does not work with -R media at all.

Ok, what gives? I just started having the same problem with one of my 1620 drives. After having this drive shortly after they came out it suddenly stopped detecting blank dvd-r. It barely reads a burned dvd-r. Even when it does read a burned dvd-r, it can not detect the media ID. I’ve never had a problem such as this before. My other 1620 still reads them fine and its older and my mainly used drive.
It seems this may have started after I tried a few external drive firmwares.