Benq 1625 how to overspeed?



Hello together,

In Hardwarezone’s review of the Benq DW1625 it is shown that at least with MID “YUDEN000,T02” and “RICOHJPNR02” overspeeding is possible with this drive (see Nero burning times graph in the following link):

According to the review of the Philips DVDR16LS (BenqDW1625OEM) here at cdfreaks
overspeeding also seems possible with this hardware, at least with MID “RICOHJPNR02”.

I have a Benq DW1625 and tried to overspeed “RICOHJPN R02” with the initial FW (I think BBAA) and the new BBEA but had no success. :sad:

So I’m asking if anybody can confirm successfull overspeeding any media with the Benq DW1625?
And if so with which firmware, which media-ID and which burning application?

Otherwise I’m thinking of crossflashing my BenqDW1625 to PhilipsDVDR16LS if somebody can confirm that overspeeding works with Philips-FW.
If somebody can confirm sucessfull overspeed with Philips-FW, please give fw-version, media-ID and burning application used.

Thanks for helpful/constructive answers.


My set shipped with BBBA but HWZ seemed to have the earlier BBAA firmware in their set despite the BBBA paper label on the burner, see this page.

The white label on your retail box should show the firmware your burner shipped with too, mine says BBBA.

For unknown reasons, BenQ probably removed overspeeding when it started shipping the burner - making it rather boring when compared to the DW1620. Maybe nealh or zevia can start a new competition on how fast one can do a standardised LightScribe image instead.



Rumor is you can crossflash it with the phillips fw that will let you overspeed more or crossflash it with 1620 fw (which will cause lightscribe not to work until you flash it back). But both options would void your warrenty if you have a retail drive.


Just crossflashed with Philips DVDR16LS P1.5 FW but still no overspeeding :sad:

Maybe only the “early” pre-production firmwares (Philips P1.3 or Benq BBAA) that are used in the reviews allow overspeeding and, for what reason ever, Benq/Philips decided not allow overspeeding with the regular drives we can buy.

If anybody can provide me a Benq BBAA or Philips P1.3 fw I’d like to prove/test this.


MediaCodeSpeedEdit supports all the BenQ 1625 Lightscribe based drives