BenQ 1620W OEM $39.99 at Newegg



I’ve heard you get a free toy with each purchase :wink:


truly amazing. Newegg sure knows how to move stock. I’m probably gonna pick one of these up.



Hope that it is not the one I sent back to them for credit - 'cause it really sucked big time - eh?



Wow. I see two things.
1, So much for N-E not allowing bad feed back.
2, You know why they are going so cheap don’t you???
I bet we will see the 1640 real soon now! :bigsmile:


I called one of their supervisors on the ban on bad feedback. Maybe it did some good. Grab those 3520s guys. You know in a few months you will all be crying in desperations as you did with the 3500! I don’t think you will like the 3540. :frowning:


BenQ announced price drop to $40 a week ago on CDFREAKS news. So you cant go wrong with that price.


New Egg is on my PERMANENT poop list. They charged my credit card for a 19" LCD monitor. Then they recalled the shipment cause the price was too low. ASS OLE!


I got a rejected “bad feedback” on an ATI All In Wonder X800 XT I got from Newegg two weeks ago. It was not even “that” bad. I just said I did not get the HDTV output block and asked if anyone else did not get thiers. I got an e-mail saying that some of my feedback was not allowed? (eh?). And now I got the crappy BenQ DW1620 coaster maker from them. That’s 2 strikes in 2 weeks. Not Cool. If they looked at my purchase record (100’s of things bought from them) you would think they would see that I don’t say bad things at random. That was my 1st “bad” feedback. Hope just a fluke and not them getting too big/popular. :frowning:

I e-mailed ATI, had a couple CSR e-mail exchanges, and they nexy-day shipped me a new HDTV output block. (sitting on my desk now). Good for ATI! :slight_smile:


a lot of people recommended neweggs for their customer service, price and quick shipping. I guess no1 ever revealed the other side of neweggs. But I dont get it, the customers write review on the products, not their customer service, why wouldn’t they allow it?


all I can say is…stay away from those dirt cheap Benq’s cuz you know there must be something wrong with them if they’re willing to sell it for that cheap, soon they will give them away free!!!


I think it’s as PC-GUY says, they are making room for new stock the BenQ 1640, same thing with the Nec 3520.
Good time to get some soon to be “classic” drives for cheap.


I wonder if these are the same ones they send you just cheaper? :bigsmile: LOL


Ya gotta read the Newegg announcement. It clearly states that the BenQ 1620W is a “REFURBISHED” burner. It was someone’s problem and I only accept new problems.

These bargain basement threads should indicate whether a product is new or not.



Are you talking about Bob_G’s link?
I didn’t see that on Bob_G’s link did I miss it? :confused:

I was making a joke if you’ve been following “The Life and Times of the 1620 @ cdfreaks” :bigsmile: I think you would have gotten it. :slight_smile:
Some people believe they got a refurbished drive when they paid for new.


Thanks for the correction, PC-Guy. I was following your link.



that’s what I thought…REFURBISHED!!!
It couldn’t have been new for that price!!!



Swifty you are kidding right???



I guess you didn’t see my correction. Newegg has 2 Benq 1620W offers. One is for a new unit for $39.99. The other is for a refurbished burner for $38 and change.



Time to update your signature. Most 16x DVD burners that can also burn DVD DL media now cost around US$40-$50 from Japan and China to North America.

I think it’s Samsung that first lowered OEM unit price of 16x DVD burners to under US$40 which BenQ had to match very soon.