Benq 1620pro scan

is this good i got tired of benq 1620pro writting DVD-R like crap so i order my self Nec 3540A is this a good scan i burn around 15 DVD they all come very close to this how ever if i scan with NEC comes out QS of 93-96 how good is a benq on scaning file i did with both 8X and maximun–>( always goes to 8X)

also notice that scaning on my NEC @ 16 always shows better quality then scaning @ 8X

sorry did not see edit botton anyways
i just did another scan here they are so who is scaning correctly this is comfusing the hell out of me hahahaa :bigsmile:

burn @ 4X

i got this media from

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I’m going to assume that scanning at a higher speed will be less accurate a read than at a slower speed.

Btw, most folks seem to be using 5x for scanning on NEC drives. You may want to jump into that forum for a look.

That is a huge difference in the scans, but then again: (1) you’re scanning at 8x (vs. 5x) on the NEC, and (2) most people here will advise against comparing scans on different brand drives.

Hey there Halfgimp, im not here to answer any questions, just to give you a friendly hint.

When saving quality scans click the save icon (the floppy disk) in the top-right of the window. Save the image as a .png as the resulting image will look much much better than a blurry jpeg and the file size will be smaller! Hope thats ok

Take a look at these sample scans. The first is a jpeg and the second is a png:

Good point chancooluk. :iagree:

If the posters just take their time and read guide how to attach quality scans, part of Announcement at top of this page, everything would be much easier especially for those still on dial-up modems.

ok scan it @ 5X it looks like the benQ is correctly scaning the disk very little difference now so this will mean that i got some kick ass cheap media :iagree:
well im glad after wasting almost 30 DVD trying to burn on benq tryied everything i could to be fair they burn great and work on my DVD players but i wanted 90 + in quality hehehehe

here the scan @5X i also got 16X scan compare to the 8X see what i mean the faster i scan on NEC the less PI errors/PI failures i get