BenQ 1620Pro burning DVD (UDF) problem

Hi, I tried burning DVD (UDF) on my Benq 1620pro firmware U9, winxpsp2, nero6.6.1.4, tested a few discs on RICOH and TY dye at 8X, both had this problem, but no problems with DVD (ISO). using default settings on nero,
can anyone help me please?

Run a Transfer Rate Test under “Benchmarks” and a surface “ScanDisc”, to see if discs can be read back properly. :slight_smile:

BTW, when posting Nero CD-DVD Speed pictures use this guide and save/post with [B].png [/B] extention, (better quality and half the size compared to jpeg).

i uninstalled nero, then uninstalled nvidia gfx drivers, then reinstall everything and burn again, the error still exists.

can someone help me please :frowning:

The ScanDisc clearly shows there are bad sectors in the beginning of the disc (red blocks) and Transfer Rate scan also stopped at the same point. This is confirmed by your Disc Quality scan that shows very high PIF values and unwanted POFs exist.

I would guess you probably have a bad batch of media but not 100% sure since you’ve tried on a couple of different batch. Do you have another drive to test? At least a Transfer rate and/or Scandisc if the other drive does not support quality scan.

removed sec. ide channel, reboot, burnt using verbatimdvdrw+ this time, still having the same bad sector at the same place… whats going wrong :sad: