Benq 1620pro=atapi?

hello to all
im looking for help again!! i purchesed a benq 1620 pro a few weeks back & finally installed it in a machine. now in device manager its being reconived as a atapi dvd dd 2x16x4x16. what the hell?? then on top of it all it wont let me upgrage the firmware!! its got g7z9 on it from the factory. please help!!whenever i get myself into trouble this is the place i turn’ve all allways pointed me in the right direction.i look forward to everyones answer to my delemma. :bow: :bow:

its not a pro but an oem…u have to use oem firmware or cross flash to the pro.

You can update your drive with the oem firmware which can be found on the benq site.
If you want to crossflash (use retail firmware) you must crossflash your drive.

Before you start crossflashing you should check your drive if it is working properly.
So… do some burnings to see if your drive is working the way it should.
Never flash a drive that is already not working properly.
By crossflashing you void waranty, keep that in mind.
Crossflashing wont damage your drive, but first check if your drive isn’t a DOA (dead on arrival).

If you want to crossflash, download the WinDWFlashtool from here and the B7T9.cvt firmware file from here.

Hope it helps you a bit

why thanks ppls.i knew somthing was amiss & ofcorse it was i!!i have burnt several disks & did some checking with nero-speed disk.i was confused about the flashing, the sticker on the unit said benq 1620 but read atapi in device manager.though i got screwed!!
thanks again from me & my benq!!any other thing i can look forward to from this unit??

You can use MediaCodeSpeedEdit and B7T9 RPC1 firmware in .cvt from to have a region free, rip-lock removed (16x read speeds on all forms of media…) drive which makes it one of the fastest rippers available at that point in time. It supports bitsetting out of the box on +R Single and Dual-Layer media.

This is only if you want to cross-flash it and I have had no problems cross-flashing my BenQ DW1620A.

In MediaCodeSpeedEdit, to remove the rip-lock, just load up the B7T9 RPC1 .cvt file and then on the right-hand side where it says, “Read speed settings” put a check in “increase read speed”. Then from there go to File | Save Firmware and save it out with a different file name. Then use WinDWFlash also found at the website listed above and use that to flash the drive with the new .cvt file. :slight_smile: Good luck, if you decide to go this route, and have fun with your new drive. If you upgrade to G7T9 it does not do very well at disc quality scanning but in terms of burning it seems to be equal to B7T9.

well thanks again!
you folks are the best,i do alot of reading & this forum allways does the helpfull when dealing with things that ar’nt to forgiving.keep up the great work & ill keep visiting & trying to keep up!!