Benq 1620p60 + nero = successful?

just wondering if you have been successful with nero what version are you using, because im using 6.6.03 i seem to get coasters, however with alcohol none what so ever?

Also what does an error 331100 mean, nero cd-dvd-drive speed keeps saying it from other burnt media and media burnt itself…i think the msg was associated with unrecoverable read error 331100…it does it to its own burns; which seems crap cause it can the burn media but not read it.

Almost anybody uses Nero successfully. I use the latest one ( without problem.
Sorry but I don’t know what means your error. Try updating to

ive runs scans of the cds ive burnt with my benq and it comes up with error just before it reaches the final mark saying “unrecoverable read error”

Does this only happen if you use the Nero software to burn the disc ??

What happens if you use something like CopyToDVD, I can say I’ve never once ever had a problem with the program (nero that is).