benQ 1620a and pro



hey all, just want to know if i get this correct for i do not want to regred about my purchus. when i search on google for benQ1620 there are alot of different version that came out. besides the color of the drive for there are 3 color available but i also found that they have the A version meaning benq1620a and the pro and then just the 1620 model. i want to know are all these model same thing? make my memorial day buy a special one


Please do a forum search! This question has been answered countless times.

The only difference between the 1620A, or OEM model and the 1620Pro, or retail model, is the firmware. 1620A has “G” series FW on it; the 1620Pro has “B” series FW on it. The drive is exactly the same feature-wise and 1620A models can be easily crossflashed to be Pro.




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v5search from what others have posted here most of the OEM drives have the “B” firmware lately. The OEM I received from last week had firmware “B7U9”. Where did you purchase your 1620 from? As Ma_Jie pointed out all the drives are the same just the firmwares are different which doesn’t really matter because you can always flash the drive to the latest firmware or crossflash the drive to the “B” series firmware if the drive you receive has the “G” firmware. You can download the files from this site should you get the “G” firmware.

download the WinDXFLASH.EXE file and B7P9 CVT. file. make sure the drive has no disc in it, turn off any programs running in the background like antivirus and you could flash the drive in safe mode. double click on the WinDXFLASH. exe then it will ask you direct it to the B7P9 CVT. file. let it flash and reboot when done. check device manager to see if it now reads as BENQ 1620 drive. :wink:


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I agree with DVD_ADDICT.
Just a small correction though, the .cvt flasher we use for BenQ/Philips/MSI… drives is named; WinDWFlash. :wink:


Hello to everyone,

I suppose this is the right place to ask my question, if it is not I will open a new thread. Today I bought a DVD-burner, BenQ 1620, OEM-G7L9. Like many other owners of “a bulk drive”, I would like to make it PRO with crossflashing. I read carefully all the threads regarding this topic, but my case is a little bit different. I installed the burner in an external USB 2.0 enclosure, chipset-ALI M5621-A1. The questions are, if somebody has tried to crossflash 1620 in a external enclosure; and if so, how safe is the procedure, I mean if I need to follow some other sequence of actions or the regular ones.

Thanks in advance.

My configuration is: Compaq, Armada M300, P3-600, 320 MB, Fujitsu 4200rpm, BusLink PCMCIA-USB 2.0 card, WinXP Home.