Benq 1620

Just picked up a NEW (hopefully), Benq DW1620,on E-bay, $49US, w/shipping. Sound ok?

Honestly you would have been better off getting a pioneer 215/115, or another newer drive.

But good luck with it anyway. :slight_smile:

BenQ 1620 is a good find. I have one and it makes a good burner and scanner. I have B7W9 f/w on it.

Good scanning drives are getting harder to find.

That’s nice. I also found a BenQ 1620 about 3 months ago, and this unit is the only one that can do reliable scanning on CDs and also jitter scanning (newer drives cannot do that). Very good burner also :iagree:.

I also got a rebadged Benq 1620 for $25 from Staples about 3 months ago with intention of using it as burner replacement in LiteOn LVW-5005 recorder, but I like it so well that I decided to leave it in the PC and use a NEC 3520 for LiteOn burner replacement instead of the Benq.