Benq 1620



just got it today from and there was no cables included in the box, i was trying to decide if i should keep my original cd burner in but i guess it was decided for me as i have no extra cables laying around, is normal or did they forget to give it to me? thanks


The box should have a Package Contents on the back. Mine had the drive, an extra bezel (two-color version), a small booklet, a DVD with software and a pack of mounting screws. No cable, no blank discs.


yea just read that it came with what its supposed to according to the box but had a list of other crap that would come with it.


My 1620 Pro from Circuit City had no cable.


Nor mine from Newegg.


my computer has all the extra cables to hook up two except for the audio cable, theres only one, what is the exact name of that cable so i could look to buy one? or do i actually need it? i have the benq mastered, and i have a cd burner just sittin in the 2nd space now, i have all the plugs except for the audio one, do i need that cable to burn audio cds? or is it just for playing sound outta that drive? thanks


Rule #1: NEVER order from TigerDirect.

And no, you don’t need the audio cable.
OEM drives usually don’t come with anything extra except the hardware and some software.

BTW, don’t forget to read Rule #1


ooo whys that?