Benq 1620?



I’m looking at picking up a Benq 1620-BK today to replace my old Liteon drive, but after reading throw the forums I notice alot of talk about the DW1620A Pro, is this different from the DW1620-BK(I’ll assume the BK stands for black) ? If it is, what are the differences?



Just firmware and a name.


No difference in hardware. Only firmware. You can upgrade your 1620A into a 1620APro by flashing to firmware B7P9(and after).

Pro has the ability to write DL at 4X instead of 2.4X. :slight_smile:
If you buy Pro, you’ll have new firmware out of the box. No need to flash.

Happy burning! :cool:


not even the label (sticker) is different!!
I bought black “Pro” and got “DW1620” without “Pro”.
Then I asked BenQ support if this OK.
They asked me back which firmware is inside and afer I said “B7P9” they confirmed “all right, this is a PRO then” :wink: