Benq 1620 XP calls atapi dvd dd 2x16x4x16x?



Just installed and device manager says it’s atapi dvd dd 2x16x4x16x. I downloaded the flash update G7K9.EXE for bulk (doesn’t say BenQ on drive face) and it calls it ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16G7L9. Updating it says that the firmware I just downloaded is older than the one installed. Now I am confused about how to update the firmware and why XP doesn’t know what I have there. Any insight?


“ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16” is the device name for BenQ bulk/OEM drives… so this is normal… unless you crossflash your drive to a BenQ Retail the name will stay this way. And of course G7K9 is older than G7L9 (K is before L in the alphabet the last time I looked =) )… the newest firmware for your drive is G7V9.


Ok thanks I found g7v9 on


In the future, PLEASE(!) do a forum search.

This has been answered numberless times.




electro you could crossflash your OEM drive to the “B” firmware. download the WinDXFLASH.exe file & B7P9 cvt file from this site:

if you want you could flash the drive in SAFE MODE. make sure the drive is empty when flashing, turn off any software that is running in the background such as antivirus. then double click on the WinDXFLASH exe file, it will ask for the firmware and just direct to where ever you have the B7P9 CVT file. Reboot pc when it’s done flashing. then go to device manager and you will see the drive read BENQ. you will then be able to use any official firmware that BENQ has such as the latest B7V9.

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