BenQ 1620 x Homeworld 2



Hello, everyone

I am with problems here to install this game using my DVD Benq 1620 (OEM version). It opens the install window but it freezes when I try to start the install and the DVD light starts to flash.

I already installed another firmware G7P9, but it didn’t solve the problem.

I know that the game is OK, because the install window is running fine on another computer.

If someone knows how to solve this, let me know, because I am dying to play this game - I already beated Homeworld 1 & Cataclysm :slight_smile:



Sounds more like a software problem
than a drive problem.
Close the install program and run a
transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD Speed.
If the disc checks OK you might try copying
the install files to your HD and running it from there.


You may want to update your firmware. I think this drive is up to version G7V9 now. Check the BenQ site.